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Press release

Volvo Universal Quick Couplers (Pin grabber type) and Volvo attachments for Volvo excavators from 14 to 70 t – a match made in heaven

The new Universal Quick Coupler (Pin grabber type), from Volvo Construction Equipment not only fits perfectly with Volvo excavators from 14 to 70 t , but is safer, more productive and easier to install than ever before.
Volvo Universal Quick Couplers

Volvo Construction Equipment’s trusted Universal Quick Coupler (Pin grabber type) has undergone a series of design updates to further enhance the safety, efficiency and productivity of Volvo excavators fitted with the device.

Not only is the coupler an ideal match for Volvo excavators and attachments from 14 to 70 t, it complies with the latest safety regulations of ISO 13031, EN474-1, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as major contractor policies throughout Europe (mainly in UK and Eastern Europe) and North America.

Volvo’s most secure coupler to date, the new Universal Quick Coupler uses the latest technology, providing the operator with precise control in locking attachments from the comfort and safety of the cab.

The “pin lock” technology allows superior safety when changing attachments as the coupler is incapable of picking up a “Pin on type” attachment without being locked. As soon as the quick coupler comes into contact with the attachment, it automatically locks onto it, preventing it from falling even if the back lock fails to engage. This eliminates the risk of dangerous ‘pick and place’ practices, where an attachment is moved without being locked into place.

A red indicator allows the operator to see clearly from the cab if both front and rear pins are locked. The red locking mechanism engages separately on the front and back when the pins are locked successfully, eliminating error and ensuring greater precision when changing attachments.

In the rare event of hydraulic failure, the Volvo Universal Quick Coupler automatically locks on both the front and back pins thanks to a hydraulic check valve. Independent of the hydraulic circuit, this valve maintains the pressure required to keep the attachment securely locked onto the excavator. Volvo “Pin on type” attachments can only be removed in a safe, curled-in position.

Shorter, stronger, more efficient

The building height of the new Volvo Universal Quick Coupler is 5-10% shorter than the previous model. This increases the breakout force and ensures higher productivity. The smaller, lighter design also promotes greater fuel efficiency for profitable and emissions-conscious operation.

In addition, this new high-performance quick coupler is even easier to install than previous models, helping to achieve maximum uptime from Volvo excavators from 14 to 70 t. The ports that connect the hydraulic hoses to the coupler have been moved to the top of the cylinder, making installation a much more straightforward procedure. The new design also eliminates the need for a dedicated hydraulic block. A common S-type quick coupler block can be used so there is no need to replace blocks already installed on Volvo machines, reducing the cost to upgrade. The new Volvo Universal Quick Coupler is also fully compatible with the existing Volvo Control System, keeping expenditure on new equipment to a minimum.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment