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Volvo powers up with updated C-Series skid steer and compact track loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment’s C-Series skid steer loaders, which are designed with a variety of features aimed at boosting performance and durability, also feature powerful new engines.
Volvo powers up with updated C-Series skid steer and compact track loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment’s line of high-performing C-Series skid steer loaders — which come in a wide range of choices, including the wheeled MC115C and the tracked MCT125C and MCT145C —has been updated to include an assortment of highly anticipated features, most notably powerful new Stage IIIB four-cylinder engines (55 kW/74 hp), which feature an advanced combustion system that cuts emissions while increasing fuel economy. Due to the machines’ cooled EGR, common rail fuel injection system and fixed-geometry turbocharger, a diesel particulate filter isn’t required — an important advantage in such a compact machine. 

Volvo’s radial lift skid steers and compact track loaders are perfect for truck loading, material handling, and ground engaging applications — offering high levels of stability and efficiency. 

The updated C-Series range from Volvo delivers an impressive torque rating at a lower rpm than similar machines. This, combined with standard auto-idling, generates a fuel saving of 10%. Other updates to the C-Series skid steer loaders include improved air flow with 3-stage filters and active scavenging, improved loader stops and centering cup and an optional reversible fan.

Service made simple

Staying on top of the skid steer’s vital data is simple, with two consoles at the front of the cab presenting important information in an easy-to-read manner. The operator can select between three levels of control sensitivity to suit the application at hand, as well as his operating preferences. An optional control pattern choice gives further flexibility, allowing the operator to select between Volvo ISO pattern and H pattern.

The MCT145C is equipped with a variable displacement pump that consumes minimal energy, aiding fuel efficiency. Pump flow is automatically adapted to the demands of operation, thanks to the load-sensing system. The MCT115C, MCT125C and MCT145C skid steers feature an automatic idling system that automatically returns the machine to tick-over if controls aren’t operated for five seconds. This not only reduces fuel consumption for lower running costs but also cuts noise on the jobsite. Once the operator uses any control, however, the engine picks up revs nearly instantaneously to revert to the pre-selected speed. 

An optional reversible fan can be fitted to the machine that removes debris drawn into the radiator and automatically cleans the skid steer’s cooling system. Another feature of the Volvo C-Series is its convenient service access, through a forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door. All service and maintenance points are accessible through simple, safe means. In addition, the side entry and exit of the cab make it possible for the operator to engage the loader arm support without the aid of a second person. Because of the side door, the operator can stop the machine, safely exit the machine without walking under the load, and then walk around the rear of the machine to safely engage the support. 

These Volvo Stage IIIB skid steers and compact track loaders are fitted with a three-stage air cleaner, with active scavenging for enhanced engine life, reduced maintenance and longer service intervals. 

Intelligent design

Due to the single loader tower arm design, cab access is easier and safer than that of its two-armed competitors. Operators enter and exit the cab through a large, wide-opening side cab door. This eliminates the need for operators to climb onto and over the bucket or attachment, which can be muddy or slippery; it also eliminates the uncomfortable body turn required of operators in order to sit down in traditional skid steer loader cab designs. On both wheeled and tracked machines, a non-slip step increases safe entry and exit of the cab. The cab is also ROPS/FOPS protected for added peace of mind. 

Class-leading operator comfort comes standard, with cabs that are up to 30% larger than those of the competition. The sealed, pressurized work environment is ergonomically designed and offers a comfortable seat and armrests, as well as low noise levels. Visibility is superb, due to the single tower loader arm design. Without the horizontal cross bar normally found on vertical lift machines, operators are afforded an unrivaled view of the load and jobsite, and large top windows further improve visibility during truck loading — aiding safety when operating in tight or congested areas. 

The versatile C-Series can be equipped with a wide range of Volvo attachments — including buckets, augers, pallet forks, trenchers, dozer blades and hydraulic breakers — all designed to help them complete almost any task. And like all Volvo products, the C-Series skid steer and compact track loader range is backed by an extensive service network that provides the peace of mind that comes with an extensive, worldwide infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Keys specs:

Lift arm path Vertical Vertical Vertical
Gross power 55 kW 55 kW 55 kW
Net power 54.5 kW 54.5 kW 54.5 kW
Rated operating capacity 1 180 kg 1 180 kg 1 452 kg
Fuel tank capacity 103 l 103 l 103 l
Standard flow 90 lpm 90 lpm 90 lpm
High flow 125 lpm 125 lpm 125 lpm
Width, over tire (tracks) 1820 mm 1980 mm 1980 mm
Height to hinge pin 3175 mm 3175 mm 3180 mm
Dump reach 870 mm 870 mm 900 mm