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Press release

Volvo EW205D wheeled excavator excels in fuel efficiency

The 20-ton EW205D wheeled excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment has been designed for superior fuel efficiency, stability and operator comfort.

The Volvo EW205D wheeled excavator offers customers a highly efficient and durable machine in the 19.8 – 21.8 t weight category. With advanced technology, including Volvo’s unique ECO mode and a powerful Volvo engine, this superior digging and mobile tool carrying machine works with ultimate efficiency both off and on-road. The proven 129.5kW (176 hp) Volvo D6 engine – featuring advanced technology and built on decades of experience – delivers the ultimate combination of low fuel consumption and high productivity, while the ECO mode optimizes the hydraulic system to reduce flow and pressure losses – resulting in improved fuel efficiency without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. 
In addition, Volvo’s unique integrated work mode system optimizes fuel efficiency and machine performance. Operators can choose from a selection of five work modes — idle, fine, general, heavy and power max mode — to suit the task at hand. 
The efficiency of the EW205D wheeled excavator is further enhanced by the automatic idling system and optional auto engine shut down function, which respectively reduce engine speed and shut the engine down, when the controls or machine have been inactive for a pre-set amount of time. These features reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and noise, while the optimized hydraulic piping on the boom and arm reduces pressure losses.
As well as excellent fuel efficiency, the EW205D wheeled excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment offers superior controllability and smooth and responsive movements – delivering outstanding performance in both single and combined operations. The machine’s intelligent electro-hydraulic system and main control valve play a major role in increasing control and fuel efficiency and reducing cycle times – by controlling on-demand low and reducing internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. Meanwhile, the Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve (PPRV) in the electronic flow-dividing control system ensures the right amount of flow is delivered to each operation –delivering smooth and responsive movements during combined operations. The electronically-controlled breaker and shear foot pedal also facilitate superior control and ease of operation.

Ready for anything

Whether working in road construction, utilities, landscaping or any other application, the EW205D is tough enough to handle a wide variety of jobsites. With a robust undercarriage made from strong steel and a rigid main frame, this well-balanced and reliable excavator boasts superior durability when operating in rough terrain, as well as ultimate stability when lifting heavy loads. The strong structure easily absorbs impacts transferred through the digging equipment, while the reinforced welding between the center and side frames, and the boom and boom cylinder mounts, further enhances durability.
For superior ground contact when traveling and operating on a slope or uneven terrain, the front axle of the excavator oscillates. To keep the machine level and secure stability, the axle lock function can be both manually and automatically activated. Meanwhile, a robust dozer blade and outriggers optimize machine stability and increase versatility – enabling the excavator to successfully carry out a variety of tasks, including lifting, loading and grading.
The ideally-matched, Volvo driveline (track motor + transmission + axle) has been built to work in perfect harmony. The durable Volvo design delivers excellent control for smooth travel, superior performance and high productivity.
And it’s not just the machine that is ready for any challenge. From the comfort and security of the spacious Volvo cab, the operator is primed for a productive work shift. With slim cab pillars and large expanses of glass, the Volvo ROPS cab offers all-around visibility and ultimate safety both on and off-road. The slim design of the steering column enables easy and comfortable operation and can be adjusted by simply pushing a pedal.
For increased operator comfort, controls and switches are ideally placed, while rubber cab mounts improve shock absorption and reduce vibration. Volvo’s powerful, industry-leading climate control system – featuring 14 well-spaced vents, which quickly heat or cool the cab – provides a pleasant work environment, while the fully adjustable seat with optional air suspension and heating further helps to reduce operator fatigue. Moreover, from the seven inch, color I-ECU monitor, displaying machine status, fuel consumption and service interval alerts, the operator can comfortably read all the information required to increase uptime and high productivity, even in bright sunlight.

Maximum uptime

The productivity of the Volvo EW205D wheeled excavator can also be attributed to the speed and ease of servicing, helping customers to get the most out of each working day. The sturdy steps and handrails at the rear of the cab provide safe and easy access to the superstructure, with the centralized greasing points permitting faster regular checks for maximum machine uptime. The filters are also grouped, for quick and easy access from ground level and the radiator, charged air cooler and hydraulic oil cooler, are integrated into a single layer to maximize efficiency, reduce blockages and aid cleaning. They are accessed by opening the side door.
To remind the operator when maintenance checks are required, four service interval alerts on the monitor inform the operator when maintenance is required. Tools can be stored in the spacious toolbox, located between the steps on the left hand side of the machine. And should the EW205D require any more attention than a routine service check, the machine is supported by Volvo’s vast global service infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers, providing that all-important peace of mind.
Finally, Volvo’s comprehensive and durable range of attachments help customers to get the most out their excavator – all while experiencing faster cycle times and excellent control. Volvo attachments are purpose-built to work in perfect harmony with Volvo excavators, forming one solid, reliable unit for maximum performance, efficiency and productivity. The range includes buckets and hydraulic breakers, which have been designed to break the most demanding materials with high performance and low noise and vibration levels. Volvo’s quick couplers deliver ultimate compatibility and unrivalled performance, while the Attachment Management System (AMS), which stores up top 20 settings for hydraulic attachments, allows hydraulic flow adjustments to be accurately and easily set according to the needs of the tool being used. Optional auxiliary hydraulics, including factory-fitted breaker and shear piping as well as tilt and rotator piping, increase versatility by enabling a wide range of additional attachments to be used.



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specs:

Engine Volvo D6E
Max. Power 33 r/s / 2 000 rpm
Gross (SAE J1995) 129.5 kW (176 metric hp)
Wheel Base 2 850 mm
Max. Travel Speed (off road / on road / creep) 9 / 36 / 3.5 km/h
Bucket break out force (ISO) 136 kN
Max. digging reach (Mono boom / 2.7m Arm) 9 685 mm
Operating weight 19.8 - 21.8 t