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New attachment bracket helps Volvo wheel loaders switch tasks with ease

The updated attachment bracket from Volvo Construction Equipment turns your wheel loader into a real all-rounder, increasing your versatility and ensuring you always get the most out of your machine.
New attachment bracket helps Volvo wheel loaders switch tasks with ease

To ensure maximum productivity, it is important to be prepared for any job. With many jobsites requiring more than one operation – but not more than one machine – Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) provides you with a tool that allows you to adapt your wheel loader to a number of different jobs, giving you the versatility needed to increase your profitability. 

At the heart of the updated design is a tradition of quality and expertise. In 1954, Volvo CE invented the world’s first wheel loader attachment bracket, and through constant innovation and improvement the company is still the market leader today. This pioneering design enables a safe, quick connection to a variety of attachments, providing the flexibility to perform a wider range of tasks. 

When used together with Volvo attachments, the attachment bracket has a minimal impact on machine capacity. To ensure the highest levels of precision and controllability, the operator has excellent visibility of the attachment from the cab at all times.

The attachment bracket meets all international safety standards, including the updated EN474-1 and the upcoming ISO 13031.

A versatile addition

The attachment bracket increases the versatility of your wheel loader to the highest standards. The hydraulically driven bracket allows the operator to switch easily and quickly between attachments, minimizing downtime, and it is safely locked from the operator seat by the press of a button.

To ensure excellent performance and profitability, Volvo provides a comprehensive range of attachments that are designed to work in harmony with Volvo wheel loaders. Attachments include buckets, grapples, forks and material handling arms. Whatever the job – make sure your wheel loader is ready with the improved Volvo attachment bracket.



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment