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Press release

Volvo’s small-wonder ECR25D short swing radius excavator gets up close and personal

Not only is the new ECR25D short swing radius compact excavator easy to maneuver and transport, it also packs the breakout and tear out forces of a much-larger machine — along with an engine made for powerful performance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

It might be small, but the ECR25D compact excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment has been designed to deliver maximum mobility, performance and power for its size. With a weight of 2.5 t, the ECR25D has even greater breakout and tear out forces (3,754 kN combined) than the 2.8-ton ECR28 excavator it replaces. Heavy loads are easily hoisted with the ECR25D’s excellent lifting capacity, and it remains surefooted in any situation, thanks to superior control and balance. It also features an engine that offers excellent performance and fuel efficiency, as well as advanced hydraulic components for better use of engine power and a load-sensing variable displacement piston pump that helps minimize the loss of energy – by delivering flow only on demand. This versatile machine is highly mobile, efficient and has low running costs, making it ideal for plant hire or government work.

The ECR25D’s compact dimensions makes it ideal for working in tight or enclosed areas, and it can be easily transported from site to site. The machine’s total transport weight — even with three buckets, a hydraulic breaker and a small trailer — comes in at less than 3.5t. Four easily accessible tie-down points keep the ECR25D safe and secure during travel.

Small but mighty

With its narrow body design, the ECR25D is ideal for confined urban environments: electrical wire installation or water piping repair can be performed quickly with limited impact to the traffic or neighborhood. For more demanding operations or greater versatility, the machine can be equipped with an additional counterweight; in such cases, the tail radius exceeds tracks width to minimal extent, preventing collision or damage – beneficial in residential areas.

The ECR25D comes with a new 15.6 kW (20.9 hp) engine, delivering superior performances and fuel efficiency while meeting the requirements of the most stringent emissions regulations. An optional auto-idling system reduces engine speed when the controls are inactive for more than five second, reducing running costs and fuel consumption.

To provide high productivity and enhanced digging performance the machine is equipped with a superior hydraulic system. A flow sharing main control valve offers fast cycle times, and a load sensing variable displacement piston pump delivers flow on demand, lowering operating costs.

Attention to detail

The ECR25D might be small, but it leads its class in cab size and ergonomics — providing outstanding comfort to the operator. The access area is large so that operators can get in and out quickly and easily without hindrance from controls. The flat and uncluttered floor offers plenty of space for feet. An adjustable seat, ergonomic armrests and ideally positioned controls allow intuitive operation very quickly. Fast positioning of the machine is easy, as slew and offset movements are controlled simultaneously via a proportional roller and joystick that are precise and effortless to use. Large hydraulic travel pedals give the operator accurate, hands-free track control, while the automatic two-speed travel function allows the machine to downshift when more effort is required. Low speed mode can be enabled at the flip of a switch for more sensitive operations. The cab offers good overall visibility, thanks to large glazed windows and narrow cab pillars. View to the blade, digging equipment and tracks is excellent — improving precision and jobsite safety. Whether the machine is equipped with a Volvo cab or canopy, safety is a priority with three-point entry and roll over protection (ROPS) as standard. 

For extended uptime, the ECR25D compact excavator is easy to service and maintain. All checks points are readily accessible at ground level and grouped together under a wide-opening, lockable hood. Greasing need only be carried out every 50 hours while a patented system allows improved protection of hydraulic system and early detection of pollution in the oil. Machine cleanliness and convenience is assisted thanks to an easy-to-wash floor and flat windows that are simply and inexpensively replaced if required.

The ECR25D is available with several packages to better support customers’ businesses, along with options such as long arm for enhanced working range or additional rear counterweight to better handle heavy attachments. Work tools can can be installed thanks to a number of optional quick couplers available from factory, along with an extensive catalog of genuine Volvo attachments available through our Customer Solutions team.

Finally, among its many useful features, Volvo’s optional CareTrack remote telematics system includes geo-fence, geo-tracking and an engine on/off status monitor, and provides an hour-based work report. 



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Specifications ECR25D
Engine D1.1A
Max. power, gross 15.6 kW (20.9 hp)
Breakout force, ISO 20.3 kN
Tearout force, ISO
17.3 kN (short arm)
14.7 kN (long arm)
Max. digging reach
4.48 m (short arm)
4.77 m (long arm)
Max. digging depth
2.67 m (short arm)
2.96 m (long arm)
Operating weight 2.49 t

* The ECR25D is available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.