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Press release

Volvo L180HHL high-lift wheel loader reaches for the sky

The new L180HHL high-lift wheel loader from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) increases profitability and productivity in logging and sawmill applications by allowing customers to stack higher and load faster than ever before.

The Volvo L180HHL high-lift wheel loader, complete with a choice of Volvo grapple, has been designed to achieve unrivalled lift height and reach in log handling applications. Featuring Volvo’s unique high-lift arm system, the L180HHL not only stacks logs high – maximizing available space in the timber yard – but also handles them quickly and securely, for efficient loading and unloading. The speed and safety of each work cycle is further increased by the machine’s superb stability, which permits fast ground speeds when travelling with a load.

Whether travelling or stationary, the L180HHL allows the operator to maintain excellent control over the load at all times, even when handling logs in the middle of the stack. A grapple rotator unit enables the operator to tilt and rotate the grapple at will, to approach the logs at the safest and most effective angle. Meanwhile, the unit’s integrated dampening function counteracts any swaying of the load, for secure and precise handling. When operating on particularly rough ground, the boom suspension system (BSS) also absorbs shock, further decreasing any movement of the load and increasing the comfort of the operator.

The operator also enjoys a pleasant ride, thanks to a comfortable seat and vibration protection inside the spacious ROPS/FOPS certified cab. The ergonomically-placed controls and low internal noise levels also help to increase the comfort of the operator for a productive work shift.

Efficient and environmental

Not only is the L180HHL an exceptionally productive machine, it is also remarkably fuel efficient. Featuring Volvo’s latest Tier 4 Final/Stage IV technology, the powerful D13J engine meets strict emissions legislation while delivering high performance and low fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency of the engine is subsequently enhanced by the perfectly-matched Volvo powertrain and intelligent hydraulics, which supply power only on demand. The load-sensing hydraulics also ensure fast response for outstanding control over the load as well as shorter cycle times. 

Another intelligent feature, the Reverse-By-Braking (RBB) function automatically applies the service brakes when the operator changes the direction of the machine. This not only conserves fuel but also reduces stress on the drivetrain, thereby extending component life. Meanwhile, Volvo’s Optishift technology combines the RBB function with a lock-up torque converter to create a direct drive between the engine and the transmission, eliminating power losses in the torque convertor and reducing fuel consumption by up to 18%. The Eco pedal also reduces fuel consumption, thanks to a mechanical push-back force, which encourages the operator to ease off the throttle when the engine rpm is about to exceed the optimum operating range.

High reach, low maintenance

Owners will not only notice their fuel bills decrease, they may also notice a decrease in expenditure on servicing and replacement parts, thanks to the machine’s durable and low-maintenance design. The batteries are maintenance-free, as are the rear axle cradles, which are fitted with greased-for-life bushings and bearings. Machine wear is reduced thanks to an automatic lubrication system that can be adjusted according to application. Meanwhile, a hydraulically-driven cooling fan protects the machine’s vital components from damage by overheating. The fan activates automatically only when needed, limiting consumption and noise – and can be reversed to allow self-cleaning of the cooling units. To further increase safety, an optional fire suppression system, consisting of up to 16 nozzles, is automatically activated inside the engine compartment. The system, purpose-built for Volvo wheel loaders, can also be manually activated from inside and outside the cab as an additional safeguard. 

volvo-l180hhl-high-lift-wheel-loader-968x500Simple servicing

Daily service checks can be carried out quickly and simply, thanks to grouped service points, helping to achieve maximum uptime from the machine. The entire cab can be tilted through 35° or 70° via a hydraulic pump to provide easy access to the vital components, while the wide engine hood opens electronically – the operator or technician does not require any assistance. Service checks are also made easier in low light levels by the machine’s optional LED entrance lights and work lamps that illuminate the cab and surrounding area, increasing visibility and aiding safe entry and exit.

On the rare occasion that an L180LHLwheel loader requires more attention than a routine service check, Volvo experts are on hand to provide specialist advice via an extensive infrastructure of dealers and technicians. Combing local knowledge with global experience, Volvo is able to supply a whole range of customer solutions – from genuine Volvo parts to advanced machine monitoring technology – for reduced total cost of ownership and increased profitability throughout the entire life of the machine.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Keys specs:


Engine Volvo D13J
Max power at 21.7-23.3 r/s 1,300-14,000 r/m
SAE J1995 gross 246 kW 334 hp
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 245 kW 333hp
Operating weight 33-34 t
Transmission Volvo HTL 221