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Press release

Powerful, productive and flexible — the Volvo SD105 soil compactor

The newly relaunched SD105 single-drum soil compactor from Volvo is the complete package — combining performance, versatility and serviceability with safety and comfort.
powerful-productive-and-flexible-the-Volvo-SD105-soil-compactor 2324 x 1200

With the Volvo SD105 single-drum soil compactor, dual amplitude, variable frequency, high centrifugal force and a heavy drum weight work in harmony for powerful, superior compaction. But even though it’s built to work hard, the SD105 is full of features designed to make the job easier, safer and more comfortable.

The drum’s eccentric motor plus the varying amplitudes and weight of the machine create a dynamic drum force that allows compacting thin soil layers and thick lifts alike. With the flip of a switch, the operator can toggle between high and low amplitude, for greater precision and superior results. The SD105 is capable of high drum impact forces in both amplitudes, and high centrifugal force and a heavy drum weight combine for superior compaction in fewer passes. As conditions and soil types change, vibration frequency can be easily adjusted. Dual frequency is standard, while variable five frequencies are optional.

Able to work in a variety of tough conditions, the SD105 boosts productivity and profitability. Ultra-Grade traction control allows the machine to work on steep inclines, useful when loading for transport and when working on slippery surfaces — preventing wheel and drum spin and thereby improving performance, productivity and gradeability. Work on inclines is made possible by a tapered drum frame that allows the machine to tackle slopes of up to 65%. A center joint provides +/-38° of articulation and +/-17° of oscillation for greater stability and maneuverability. A drum that stays in constant contact with the ground improves compaction.

The SD105 can now be equipped with smart power mode, which reduces fuel consumption and engine noise without affecting power or compaction performance. The innovative function reroutes excess hydraulic power to place where it is needed, reducing engine speed and reducing fuel consumption by up to 17%, while also decreasing sound levels by as much as 6dBA.

Comfort and ease of operation as standard

The SD105 provides a commanding all-around view of the worksite, making conditions safer for the operator and bystanders alike. The frame and hood have also been designed to provide a good view to the rear. Operators are kept safe and comfortable with either a ROPS/FOPS cab or ROPS canopy. Both feature well-positioned controls, a cup holder, and an adjustable seat that can be rotated 15° to the right and 45° to the left to further enhance visibility and maximize operator flexibility. 

Ergonomic controls/console help increase productivity, with key functions intuitively located and easily accessible. The updated propulsion control lever features integrated vibration activation, an easy-to-find detent and smooth and precise speed control. Powerful heating and air conditioning keep the operator comfortable in any climate. Combine all of these elements with low noise levels, and you have an operator environment that will allow operators to work more efficiently with less fatigue.

To keep uptime up and downtime at a minimum, the SD105 has been designed for easy maintenance, with accessible, conveniently located daily checkpoints and grouped service points. The air filter is remotely mounted beneath the engine compartment for convenient daily checks, and hydraulic test ports and filters are grouped in a sealed compartment underneath the cab for quick access. The machine can be refueled through the engine hood via a lockable fuel cap without opening the engine compartment. A forward-tilting cab means hydraulic components are easily reached. And the rear-hinged engine hood provides unobstructed engine access.



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Engine power Operating weight with cab Drum width Vibration frequency Centrifugal force
SD105 (with smooth drum)

97 kW

11,286 kg

2,134 mm

30.8/33.8 Hz
207/258 kN

Opt. 5 settings 23.3-33.8 Hz
SD105 (with pad foot drum)
97 kW
11,857 kg
2,134 mm
27.5/33.8 Hz 264/270 kN
Opt. 5 settings 22.5-33.8 Hz