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Press release

New Volvo Tier 4i B-Series backhoe loaders. Lower fuel consumption and no compromise on performance.

Tested in extreme situations — above 3,000 meters in the Alps, in low temperatures in Arctic Circle and in tropical conditions — the new Volvo B-series backhoe loaders for the North American market feature an all-new Tier 4 Interim-compliant engines.

More efficient and high-performing, Volvo’s latest generation BL60B and BL70B backhoe loaders now come equipped with all-new Tier 4 Interim D3.8H diesel engines. Featuring a common rail direct injection system, low boost turbocharger and intercooler, the new engines provide greater power, better torque response and up to 25% less fuel consumption than the previous engine generation. To meet emissions standards, machines are equipped with a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) unit, a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Each of these features helps reduce particulate matter by 95% and NOx emissions by 24%, no matter the temperature, humidity level or altitude. Engine power has also been boosted over previous models: the BL60B now comes with a 94 hp (70 kW) engine, and the BL70B is offered with a choice of 105 hp (78.8 kW) or 94 hp (70 kW) engines.

Intelligent hydraulic system

BL70B is now equipped with new electronically controlled hydraulic pump. Better use of engine power, shorter loading cycles and substantial fuel efficiency are assured thanks to constant adaptation of pump settings to working conditions. Three excavator working modes are offered: Standard mode keeping the machine operating at full power, Eco mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%, while maintaining machine efficiency, and Fine mode providing high precision in demanding applications like craning. 

The BL70B includes a Volvo-patented single-handed, multifunctional, pilot-controlled loader joystick that combines loader control with machine direction change for better ergonomics and greater efficiency in loading operations. It features also auto kick-down (comes along with Powershift transmission), transmission declutch button and multipurpose bucket control. BL70B’s multipurpose hydraulics can be easily used for comfortable operation of sweeper or snow blower thanks to flow adjustment on the joystick and detent function selectable from the side panel. 

The BL60B features robust hydraulic system with a fixed-displacement hydraulic gear pump. Flow sharing system makes it easy to manage simultaneous excavator movements for fast cycle times. This model comes now standard with a four wheel drive transmission. BL60B is designed to work hard and fuel efficient — making it an ideal machine for rental customers 

A new auto-idle feature can be selected via a control panel switch when controls are inactive for a specified time, further reducing fuel consumption and noise on the job site. Auto-idle comes standard on the BL70B and as an option on the BL60B same as new enhanced heavy duty front axles dedicated for hard conditions.

Style enhancements

The Tier 4i B-series also comes with new design features, like a new-look engine hood and front grill that now features side rubber bumpers. An additional, optional, rubber bumper on the counterweight also decreases the risk of damage, especially during truck loading.

Both models are equipped with front LCD panel with speedometer as standard. Important machine information like fluids temperatures or error codes are available to the operator via the side display, helping to decrease diagnostic time. A new indicator on the dashboard will alert the operator in case of water ingress in the fuel system.

The swing angle of the cooling pack has been improved, making access for radiator cleaning easier. Repositioned hydraulic oil level check gauge, and all filling points regrouped on the right-hand side of machine further improve the machine’s already-excellent serviceability.

With a considerably higher cooling capacity than before, these machines can work in higher ambient temperatures while producing significantly less engine noise. It’s not just the temperatures that can be high – engine behavior adjusts automatically to different altitudes due to in-built barometry detection. For machines working in low temperatures, a cold climate preparation kit assures machine availability even in extreme arctic conditions.

Regeneration system

Volvo’s long-life diesel particulate filter (DPF) traps particulate matter and burns it periodically in a fully automatic regeneration. Volvo’s DPF exchange program keeps downtime and cost to a minimum. REMAN DPF exchange program provides tested, high-performing filters that offer at least 95% of the capacity of new filters at just unbeatable price.

Electronic monitoring

The BL60B and BL70B come with advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics that are designed to enhance uptime and maximize productivity. MATRIS provides charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. VCADS Pro is a system that allows a machine to be fine-tuned to specific applications, further improving performance. The optional CareTrack telematics system allows machine location and operating data to be securely viewed via the internet from anywhere in the world, reducing downtime caused by maintenance and repairs.




Gross power kW (hp) (SAE J1995)

70.2 kW (94 hp)

70.2 kW (94 hp) or

78.6 kW (105 hp)

Net power kW (hp) (ISO 9249 / DIN 6271)

68 kW (91 hp)

68 kW (91 hp)

76 kW (101 hp)

Operating weight min/max, t (lbs)

7.07 t (15,586 lbs)

9.23 t (20,348 lbs)

7.91 t (17,438 lbs)

10.00 t (22,046 lbs)

Max digging depth SAE (std arm), m (ft)

4.45 m/14ft 7in

4.54 m/14ft 11 in

Max digging depth SAE (Ext arm), m (ft)

5.50 m/18ft 1in

5.60 m/18ft 4in

Loader bucket breakout forcekN, (lbf)

52 kN/11,690 lbs

57 kN/12,814 lbs

Lift capacity at full height, kg (lbs)*

*using general purpose bucket, 1 m3, pin on.

2,830 kg/6,239 lbs

3,320 kg/7,319 lbs

* The BL60B and BL70B Tier 4i will be available in North American markets



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

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Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment