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Press release

Flexibility, power and efficiency in one package with SD75, SD115 and SD135 soil compactors

With new features designed to give powerful and efficient performance, Volvo introduces its SD75, SD115 and SD135 single-drum soil compactors for the European market.

The SD75, SD115 and SD135 single-drum soil compactors from Volvo Construction Equipment are designed for high productivity in all applications and at all material depths. With maximum compacting performance, high centrifugal force, high amplitude and drum weight combining to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction and high machine productivity, Volvo soil compactors achieve greater material density in fewer passes.

Tailor-made performance

Flexibility is the name of the game, with a range of features that operators can use to adapt their machines specifically to the job. Dynamic drum forces can be easily changed to suit a wide range of terrain or depth of material. Using controls that are easy to reach in the cab, operators can select high amplitude with low frequency or low amplitude with high frequency, depending on changing soil types and conditions. A unique five-frequency feature boosts the machines’ versatility and performance even further. 

A center joint provides +/-38o of articulation and +/-17o of drum oscillation for stable, flexible machine performance and greater operator comfort over rough terrain. With the 1.68 m (SD75)/2.13 m (SD115 and SD135) drum in constant contact with the ground surface, compaction is smooth and uniform. 

The Volvo traction system provides excellent gradeability, preventing wheel or drum spin, and the drum frame provides the ability to negotiate slopes of up to 75%. The angled frame has been improved to allow better clearance in the approach to steep slopes, eliminating the possibility of damaging the road surface and preventing possible damage to the machine.

For greater on-the-job flexibility, the drum can be quickly and easily converted to a padfoot drum with few tools and minimal equipment. The clamp-on padfoot shell allows the machine to work in different applications, thereby increasing its versatility. 

Powerful efficiency

With powerful new Volvo engines (Volvo D3.8, 75 kW/101 hp for the SD75 and Volvo D4, 110 kW/150 hp for the SD115 and SD135), the Volvo single-drum compactors deliver powerful and efficient performance. Producing high torque at low rpm, the engine is compliant with Stage IIIB/Tier 4i regulations, for lower emissions and better fuel efficiency. Operating in smart power mode (available on the SD115 and SD135) can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% while lowering engine noise levels and emissions — all without negatively impacting compaction performance. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) burns off and eliminates material build-up inside the filter, further reducing emissions. 

Comfort prioritized

The Volvo cab affords the operator a commanding view of the jobsite, with its superior all-around visibility. Because safe and comfortable operators are productive operators, Volvo cabs are protected from rollovers and falling objects by ROPS and FOPS structures. With their molded roof and wall segments and surfaces that are made of noise-absorbing material, they also lead their class in low noise levels. Vibration is reduced, as well, via shock-absorbing cab mounts, for even greater operator comfort. 
A new instrument panel monitors the machine’s operation and performance and displays diagnostic information, reducing the need for regular physical checks and increasing productivity and uptime. The spacious operator environment is outfitted with features like ample storage and legroom, ergonomic controls, an adjustable seat and cup holder.

Service is made simpler than ever with key service points grouped on one side of the compactor for straightforward maintenance and maximized uptime. The machine’s MATRIS system conveniently charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. And as with all Volvo products, the SD75, SD115 and SD135 are backed by an extensive service network that provides the peace of mind that comes with a worldwide infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers. 



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Model SD75 SD115 SD135
Drum Smooth Padfoot Smooth Padfoot Smooth Padfoot
Engine power (kW/metric hp) 75/101 75/101 110/150 110/150 110/150 110/150
Operating weight w/ cabin (CECE) kg 8 064 8 443 12 293 12 680 13 656 14 403
Drum width mm 1 676 1 676 2 134 2 134 2 134 2 134
Vibration frequency Hz 30.8/33.8 27.5/33.8 30.8/33.8 27.5/33.8 30.8 / 33.8 27.5/33.8
Centrifugal force kN 104/143 133/135 207/258 264/270 206/281 284/293