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Press release

Volvo’s short-swing D-Series excavators will get you out of a tight spot

Featuring a robust superstructure, advanced hydraulics and more fuel efficient engines, the Volvo ECR145D and ECR235D short swing radius excavators offer even greater productivity, ease-of-use and safety when working in confined or restricted conditions.

Proving that you don’t need to make compromises, the new ECR145D and ECR235D short swing radius excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment are designed for maneuvering in and out of confined areas – while boasting digging performance, balance and stability that are the equal of many traditional format excavators. Both models feature new engines that not only meet the latest Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim emissions legislation, but also offer superior performance and reduced fuel consumption. Improved hydraulics and pump flow help provide faster cycle times and better digging performance. 

Super structures

Featuring a narrow body design and centrally positioned boom, the superstructure on these ECR models is so compact that its rear swings only fractionally outside its own track width. This means that the excavator can get extremely close to objects (walls, trees etc.) without risk of collision with the rear of the machine as it swings. Even when not working close to obstructions, the short front/rear radius has other uses – such as on highways, where the machines can safely swing within a typical single road lane width, minimizing disruption to the traffic flow. For some jobs this feature is one of the main requirements to get the contract.
Available with a mono or two-piece boom, several arm configurations and an optional blade, the ECR145D and ECR235D are versatile, flexible machines. Thanks to their reinforced, three-piece, high-tensile steel X-shaped frame undercarriage, they are durable and reliable; able to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments.
The ECR145D has a bucket capacity of 0.85m3, while for the ECR235D the range is 1.48m3. Both are offered with a quick coupler option and an extensive range of genuine Volvo attachments. ECR excavators also offer class leading digging depths.

Engines: powerful yet fuel frugal

New engines deliver lower emissions along with superior performance and fuel efficiency. This equates to higher productivity and lower operating costs. The ECR145D is fitted with a four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 85 kW (114hp) while the ECR235D comes with a six-cylinder unit producing 129 kW (173 hp). Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB legislation compliant, these units are fitted with precise, high-pressure fuel injectors, turbo charger and air-to-air intercooler, as well as electronic engine controls to optimize machine performance. 
An auto-idling system reduces engine speed to tick-over when the controls are inactive for a specified time (operator pre-set via the display between 3 and 20 seconds), reducing running costs and fuel consumption. Operators can also select from several work modes to suit the task at hand. In addition to Idle mode, Fine mode provides high hydraulic pressure and fine controllability, useful for precise lifting work. Heavy and Power modes meanwhile, are suited to situations calling for intensive operations or bulk earthmoving tasks, hard digging or deep trenching. A three-setting General mode is suited to more usual daily tasks (e.g. loading, ditching, slope leveling etc), giving an optimum balance between performance and fuel efficiency. A new ECO mode uses the latest electronic pump control technology to boost fuel efficiency further, which in the majority of conditions, results in no loss of performance.
Hydraulic power is automatically matched to the available engine horsepower whatever the work conditions. Boom down-speed is increased thanks to a new main control valve design and attachment speed is also improved thanks to an increase in hydraulic flow. The new system also allows for better simultaneous operation of more than one hydraulic function, higher lifting capacity and more digging power, as well as precise fine control. There is also an automatic boom, arm and slew priority system.

Compact machine: spacious cab

A more comfortable cab is one that naturally delivers higher productivity. ROPS certified, the new Volvo Cab’s rounded shape is designed to stay within the rear swing radius, yet remains the roomiest and most comfortable in the market. A sliding door also allows the operator to get into and out of the machine easily – even when parked close to an obstruction. In these new models the operator benefits from good all-round visibility, thanks to narrow pillars and large glass areas. Comfort is provided by a low-vibration, multi-adjustable seat and controls that fall easily to hand. A bright, color I-ECU monitor features both a built-in service display and selectable hydraulic control options and much more. This monitor can also be used with an optional, multi-view camera, further increasing machine operating safety. 

Uptime up, downtime down

Despite their compact design, the ECR145D and ECR235D are both easy to service and maintain. All check and cleaning points are readily accessible; many of them grouped together and available via wide opening side doors. Boom and arm greasing points are also easily accessible, and in general applications greasing need only be carried out every 50 hours (extending to 500 with long life bushings). Even the main control valve can be accessed from ground level.
Volvo’s CareTrack remote telematics system conducts a self-diagnostic routine, alerting the operator – or the fleet manager back at the office – should a fault be detected . CareTrack also offers a range of other important information – from fuel consumption to when the next service is due.



Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

ECR145D Specifications
Max power @ 2,000 rpm, gross 85 kW (114 hp)
Engine type / Model Volvo D4H
Bucket capacity 0.85 m3
Breakout force, ISO 91 kN (Normal) / 97 kN (Power boost)
Tearout force, ISO 71 kN (Normal) / 76 kN (Power boost)
Max. digging reach 8.36 m (4.6 m boom / 2.5 m arm)
Max. digging depth 5.29 m (4.6 m boom / 2.5 m arm)
Operating weight 14.4 – 16,3 t

ECR235D Specifications
Max power @ 1,800 rpm, gross 128 kW (173hp)
Engine type / Model Volvo D6H
Bucket capacity 1.47 m3
Breakout force, ISO 142 kN (Normal) / 150 kN (Power boost)
Tearout force, ISO 104 kN (Normal) / 110 kN (Power boost)
Max. digging reach 9.88 m (5.7 m boom / 2.9 m arm)
Max. digging depth 6.71m (5.7 m boom / 2.9 m arm)
Operating weight 23.8 – 27 t