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Relentless performance from Volvo heavyweights powers up productivity

Featuring Volvo’s latest D13 engine and enhanced hydraulics, the new EC380D and EC480D excavators not only offer greater digging force and faster cycle times, they perform relentlessly and boast fuel efficiency improvements of up to 11%.
Relentless performance from Volvo

Helping to sustain optimum power and output, the new EC380D and EC480D excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment are heavy duty machines that weigh 37.8-41.4 t and 47.3-53.1 t, for the EC380D and EC480D respectively. These powerful and reliable machines excel in heavy digging and lifting duties, offering superior cycle times and greater fuel efficiency. In fact, fuel efficiency lies at the heart of these machines, offering improvements over the models they replace by a substantial 8-11%. And with ECO mode as standard, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing performance is guaranteed.

Both machines are fitted with Volvo’s latest 13 liter six cylinder diesel engines, delivering exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, attributes maximized when combined with new hydraulics and well matched components. The engine uses precise, high pressure fuel injectors, turbo charging and intercooling plus advanced electronics to optimize engine performance.
Maximum net power is 208 kW (283 hp) for the EC380D and 256 kW (348 hp) for the EC480D. When compared to the company’s previous B-Series excavators, this represents an increase in gross engine power of 9% for the EC380D and 8% for the EC480D. An auto-idling system reduces engine speed to idle when the controls are inactive for a specified time (between 3-20 seconds), lowering operating cost and fuel consumption. An optional engine shut off automatically turns the engine off completely when the machine is inactive for five minutes. (Operators are notified via the I-ECU prior to the shut-down occurring.) All of these features, coupled with faster cycle times, mean more material is moved per liter of fuel, for reduced operating costs.

A spine of reinforced steel

Robust and heavily reinforced to withstand working with high impact materials or demanding terrain, the X-shaped undercarriage features a durable fabricated idler, a large diameter roller and a thicker tooth sprocket and track link for increased component life. An optional heavy-duty full track guard can be fitted for travelling over rough terrain or when working with rock, helping protect the bottom rollers and preventing derailment. The EC480D also offers mechanical variable width tracks, adding 150 mm between the tracks for additional stability. The retracted position aids transportation, while an extra 196 mm of height protects the machine from harsh ground conditions. Each track is powered by an automatic two speed shift travel motor, while the track brakes are multi-disc. Improved tractive force helps the EC380D and EC480D take steep gradients or rough terrain in their stride. 
The main frame, meanwhile, is also strong and durable, being made of heavy duty plate steel with bolt-head protection. It can easily absorb impact forces being transferred from the digging equipment, as it features reinforced welding between the center and side frames, and the boom and boom cylinder mounts. Available in various boom/arm configurations, the boom is made from high tensile steel and robotically welded for severe use durability, while wear strips welded to the arm also give added protection. 
The swing system uses axial piston motors that drive a planetary gearbox for maximum torque. Maximum slew speed is 10.3/8.8 r/min (EC380D/EC480D) and maximum slew torque is 130.5/166.3 kNm (EC380D/EC480D). An automatic holding brake and anti-rebound valve are standard.
The hydraulics system features improvements that increase total flow and allow cycle times to improve by between 8-10%. Independent and simultaneous movements of the digging equipment are controlled by an ‘automatic sensing work mode’. When only a single function is being used, the hydraulics system combines the flow of both pumps for quick cycle times and greater productivity. It can also prioritize flow according to the work being done – e.g. to the boom for faster raising when loading or in deep excavations; to the arm during leveling or swing during large slewing angles. 
The optional Boom Float frees up hydraulic flow by lowering using gravity only, freeing up hydraulic power to the arm circuit for faster loading cycles and more control when leveling or operating a hammer. 

See life from a different perspective

Fitted with the latest generation Volvo cab, these machines offer operators excellent visibility, thanks to large glass areas and thin pillars. Ideally placed controls and monitors, ample storage and leg room make these cabs a more comfortably spacious place to spend their days. They are also quieter and safer; thanks to the cab being Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) protected and mounted on viscous silicon rubber mounts that iron out vibrations. A rear view camera also improves safety by allowing the operator to see blind spots, with up to four camera angles displayed on the I-ECU
An optional roof hatch increases air flow and extra visibility for when the machine is operating at height. An advanced automatic climate control and defrosting system, featuring 14 vents, also helps keep the operator cool (or warm) under pressure. A large color monitor provides good clarity in all light conditions. Optimum performance is assured whatever the work mode selected (I-idle, F-fine, G-general, H-heavy or P-power), with the machine automatically setting the appropriate engine speed for the work mode. There is also a ‘straight’ travel pedal that, when pressed, applies the same oil flow to each track, rather than the operator having to press both left and right pedals simultaneously.

Support you can rely on

Both the EC380D and EC480D feature easy maintenance as standard. Accessed via wide opening compartment doors, grouped, ground-level filters and greasing points are all simple and safe to get to. There is also a quick anti-spill drain on the underside of the superstructure that doesn’t require tools, allowing lubricant to be easily and cleanly drained. Checks are done quicker, further improving uptime, while Volvo’s unique hydraulic fan-driven oil cooler is separate from the engine and radiator and easy to clean and service.
These machines come fitted as standard with CareTrack, Volvo CE’s telematic system. Accessed remotely, CareTrack provides machine information such as fuel consumption and service reminders that allow improved planning and operation. A comprehensive range of service plans are also available from Volvo’s dedicated dealer network, ranging from routine wear inspections to full service agreements and Eco Operator training.

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Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Model specifications

Model EC380D EC480D (fixed)
Engine Volvo D13F Volvo D13F
Max. power, net 208 kW (283 hp) at 1,700 r/min 256 kW (348 hp) at 1,800 r/min
Max. lifting capacity along undercarriage (6.0m/1.5m) 15,930 kgf
(6.45 m boom / 2.6 m arm)
*18,080 kgf
(7.0 m boom / 3.35 m arm)
Max. digging reach 10,550 mm
(6.45 m boom / 2.6 m arm)
12,040 mm
(7.0 m boom / 3.35 m arm)
Max. digging depth 6,850 mm
(6.45 m boom / 2.6 m arm)
7,720 mm
(7.0 m boom / 3.35 m arm)
Max. Breakout force – bucket (Normal / Power boost) ISO6015 222/243 kN
(6.45 m boom / 2.6 m arm)
261/285 kN
(7.0 m boom / 3.35 m arm)
Max. Tearout force – arm
(Normal / Power boost) ISO6015
201/219 kN
(6.45 m boom / 2.6 m arm)
201/220 kN
(6.2 m boom / 3.05 m arm)
Operating weight 37.8-41.4 t 47.3-53.1 t

*The EC380D and EC480D will be available in selected Asian and international markets from Februrary 2012.