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Volvo introduces a smooth operator to the Indian market

Characterized by its ability to handle varying conditions, widths and applications, the DD100 is a 10 tonne double drum asphalt compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment that provides a smooth mat with fewer passes.
Volvo introduces a smooth operator to the Indian market

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced the introduction of the 10 tonne DD100 double drum asphalt compactor to the Indian market. Suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from roadways to large areas such as airport runways, the DD100’s great strength is its ability to handle varying conditions. 
With a range of amplitude and frequency settings, the DD100 is capable of producing a smooth finished mat with fewer passes, thereby reducing job time and increasing profitability.

The DD100 is a 10,025 kg machine that offers operators eight amplitude settings, allowing the machine to be easily and regularly reset as circumstances vary. 
For example, if ground conditions warrant an increase in dynamic drum force, changing the amplitude setting will result in the required finished job quality with fewer passes. The vibration frequency 
can also be accurately controlled, with the operator choosing from a range of eccentric frequencies, using the electronic vibration control. 

Power: under complete control

At the heart of the DD100 is an advanced turbocharged four cylinder Tier 3/Stage III engine, which provides strong performance with plenty of power in reserve – and yet is fuel efficient and exceeds the requirements of Indian exhaust emission legislation. Propulsion comes in the form of a closed loop hydrostatic parallel circuit to both drums, which are fitted with heavy duty radial piston motors. Travel speeds range from 0 to 11.4 km/h and vibration automatically engages or disengages when (operator selected) upper and lower travel speed thresholds have been reached. Further help to operators comes in the form of an eccentric rotation system. The system automatically matches the eccentric rotation to the direction of travel, helping to eliminate the possibility of operators forgetting to adjust the setting when the direction of travel is changed. This not only uses less engine power, but also results in reduced material distortion and improved mat smoothness.

The DD100 is fitted as standard with two independent water systems, each with its own primary and back up spray facility. The pressurized water system provides a consistent water flow to the drum surfaces, eliminating asphalt build-up that would require subsequent, time consuming and costly rework. As the water flow is adjustable – with the operator choosing the minimum flow amount required to prevent asphalt sticking to the drum – water is conserved and the time taken on water refills is commensurably reduced.

Operation convenience and safety

Special emphasis has been placed on the convenience and safety of the operator. 
The vibration-isolated operator platform and the ergonomic layout of controls contribute to a low fatigue workplace environment. The operator sits in an ROPS/FOPS protected structure, and the operator console can be rotated through five positions, allowing both good comfort and sight line visibility when working. Thanks to a console mounted impact spacing meter, operators can also make travel speed adjustments to maintain proper asphalt smoothness.

Easy maintenance

The engine and hydraulic components are easily accessible, thanks to a swing up engine hood. Daily checks on engine, battery, radiator, filters etc can be reached from ground level, helping ensure that maintenance is properly conducted. Lockable covers protect the operator console, while lockable engine hood, fuel cap, water fill cap and deck access doors help deter theft and vandalism.
As with all Volvo products, the DD100 is backed up with a supportive and knowledgeable dealer network. Supplying genuine parts, highly trained experts can provide a range of solutions to keep Volvo customers machines productively working and earning.


Operating Weight w/ ROPS (kg)

width (mm)

Vibration frequency (Hz)

Vibration centrifugal force (kN)




41,7 / 30.8



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