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Press release

Smaller loaders from Volvo ready to tackle every terrain

Loaded with potential, the L45G and L50G wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment are in the 9-10 tonne class of machine – but with the versatility and performance of much larger models.

They may be at the smaller end of Volvo Construction Equipment’s wheel loader range, but even with their compact design, the new L45G and L50G are big when it comes to potential. With the flexibility to work in a wide range of jobsites, these machines are fitted with a hydraulic attachment bracket for quick tool changeovers. 
The L45G and L50G feature the latest emissions-compliant engines and Volvo patented TP Linkage, ensuring high breakout force and parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range. This combination gives high tilt-back torque and lifting power, increasing productivity when loading or rehandling, while the progressive lift helps retain loose bucket material and minimizes disturbing the load when lifting pallets. The breakout torque is also useful if a log grapple is fitted, giving total control of the load in all positions. The combination of stable load and high-reach of the linkage design allows dumping into high-sided trucks. 
The L45G and L50G enjoy the modern stylistic redesign of the rest of the G-Series range. Smaller in size than many competitor machines, these models’ compact dimensions are due to the shorter frame allowed by siting the engine conversely. This combination allows for high maneuverability in restricted work areas.

Higher torque – with lower emissions 

These new machines meet the requirements of the Stage IIIB (in Europe) and Tier 4i (in the US) emissions legislation. The L45G and L50G are all fitted with Volvo’s four-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged off-highway diesel engine, which features cooled gas recirculation and a particulate filter with active regeneration. The active-type diesel particulate filter (DPF) temporarily holds the particulate matter and then incinerates it, further reducing emissions. This process is conducted without any loss of performance during operation. 
Producing between 73 and 85 kW (99-116 hp) the D4 engine also leads the industry in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability and noise. The production of torque and power at low engine speeds, combined with load-sensing hydraulics, removes the need to overrun the engine, which in turn extends engine life, lowers fuel use and reduces noise. The engine cooling fan allows the engine to reach optimum working temperature faster, operating only when needed. This requires less power to operate, uses less fuel and reduces the noise of the machine. The fan is also reversible, automatically blowing air back through the cooling pack in order to remove debris drawn into the radiator.

Engine and drivetrain: better together

The engine’s drivetrain, axles, hydraulics and lifting systems are all designed for improved productivity, higher rimpull, lower emissions, greater smoothness, serviceability and operator comfort. Both the L45G and L50G come with an infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission. Available in both High and Low Speed variants depending on application, maximum rimpull is available at all speeds, regardless of the direction of travel. And, being fully automatic, operation couldn’t be simpler. For work in wet and/or heavy conditions, 100% differential locks in the heavy-duty axles allow all wheels to turn simultaneously. The rear axle is allowed to oscillate, increasing stability of the machine by maintaining ground contact and providing optimum traction in difficult terrain.
Load-sensing hydraulics deliver power to hydraulic functions only when needed, eliminating unnecessary oil pumping. Maintaining the optimum balance between lifting and tractive forces allows effective bucket penetration when digging or pushing into a pile. The smooth and precise pilot-operated hydraulics, meanwhile, enable the operator to comfortably control the attachment, resulting in higher productivity and comfort. 

High productivity – but with low stress

The latest generation Volvo cab fitted to the L45G and L50G extends its already legendary status. ROPS/FOPS approved, visibility in the spacious cabin is excellent, to the rear, to the bucket edge – and to the centrally located instrumentation. Mounted on viscous dampers, operators are isolated from vibration and excessive noise, significantly reducing fatigue levels.
With controls that fall easily to hand, operators can breathe easily thanks to efficient air-management and filtering systems – and get on with the job at hand in a comfortable, clean work environment. Depending on preference, operators can choose between joystick and multi-lever hydraulic pilot control – both providing precise and steady load control. To encourage operators to work smoothly an ‘eco’ accelerator pedal applies an appropriate amount of mechanical back-pressure, encouraging low fuel consumption operating techniques. Fuel use is also reduced, thanks to a load-sensing steering system that only activates when the wheel is turned. An inch brake pedal allows further machine control. Applying light pressure on the pedal slows the machine using the hydraulic transmission only, while firmer pressure engages the axle brakes – useful if working on an incline.

Getting attached to the L45G and L50G

Flexibility is a strong point of these two machines, helped by a choice of two attachment brackets, which enable quick tool changes. An ISO standardized bracket is available, as is one that allows attachments with a TPZ interface to be easily swapped over. Both brackets allow the operator to clearly see the attachment points from the cab, and the choice of available Volvo attachments is extensive. All designed and approved by Volvo to work in harmony with the machines’ link-arm geometry, breakout, rim pull, and lifting forces. Tools include buckets, pallet forks and grapples etc. 

Servicing & support

The G-Series comes with advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics that are designed to prolong machine life, enhance uptime and maximize productivity. Contronics monitors functions in real time and alerts the operator if problems occur. MATRIS, meanwhile, charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. VCADS Pro is a system that allows a machine to be fine-tuned to specific applications, further improving performance. Finally, the optional CareTrack system is a Volvo Construction Equipment telematics solution, which allows machine location and operating data to be securely viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world; aiding fast decisions on maintenance and repairs.
Servicing is made easy with the G-Series, with daily pre-start items quickly checked and scheduled service items conveniently grouped together. The engine cover also provides good ventilation of the engine compartment. It gives good access for fast and easy cleaning or servicing duties. And consumables like filters are easy to reach and easy to replace. The rear axles are supported on maintenance-free cradles and include greased-for-life bearings and bushings that reduce service requirements.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Model specifications

Model L45G L50G
Engine D4H D4H
Max. power at 24.2 r/s (1450r/min) 24.2 r/s (1450r/min)
SAE J1995 gross
75 kW (102 hp) 87 kW (118 hp)
ISO 9249, SAEJ1349 net 73 kW (99 hp) 85 kW (116 hp)
Breakout force 66 kN 74 kN
Static tipping load at full turn 5,500 kg 6,050 kg
Buckets 1.3-2.0 m3 1.4-2.5 m3
Operating weight 8.5-9.1 t 9.3-9.7 t
Tires 15.5-25 17.5-25