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Press release

New Quiet Cab brings more comfort to Volvo single drum compactors

A comprehensively redesigned one-piece cab on Volvo’s SD70, SD77, SD115, SD130 and SD160 single drum soil compactors radically reduces noise penetration into the operator environment.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is introducing a completely new ‘quiet cab’ design to five of its SD single drum soil compactors – lowering noise experienced by the operator considerably and consequently reducing fatigue. The models in question are the SD70, SD77, SD115, SD130 and SD160 – machines that range in weight from 7,056 kg (15,556 lb) for the SD70, up to 15,964 kg (35,200 lb) for the SD160.

At the heart of the new cab is its one-piece design which comprehensively isolates the cab from the engine compartment. This removes the need for additional sealing or sound proofing to prevent engine noise entering the operator compartment. When used with the optional smart power mode, the noise experienced by the operator is additionally reduced. Smart power mode optimizes the engine and hydraulics output as well as the cooling fan speed to match the application requirements. This means that the engine runs at a lower speed – significantly reducing noise, mechanical wear, emissions and fuel consumption.

Tough on the job, not on the operator

Volvo’s single drum compactors are well regarded for their rugged design and ability to tackle demanding compaction projects. Their high dynamic forces and drum weight all combine to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction and high machine productivity. But thanks to the new cab design, although the working conditions may be tough on the machine, the machine is not tough on the operator.

As well as being considerable quieter, the new cab incorporates a range of original features. Along with a revised interior design, the cab has a considerably larger rear window, improving rearwards visibility (and safety) greatly.

Less noise, less vibration, less hassle

Once inside the cab, the operator’s life is also made easy, with the new models featuring large, air conditioned and sound insulated ROPS protected cabs, which are mounted on premium quality shock absorbers. The console, gauges and switches are all conveniently close to hand, and visual and audible warnings are fitted to alert the operator’s attention when necessary.

The operator’s seat now features additional anti-vibration padding and it sits on a new smaller pedestal, freeing up more foot space on the floor. The floor itself is now completely flat, with nothing to trip the operator on entry or exit, as well as being easy to sweep out and clean. The floor mat is thicker and more able to isolate vibration and deaden in-cab noise.

*The new cabs are currently available on models sold in Europe, the Middle East and African markets.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment