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Press release

Volvo backhoes provide end-to-end performance

Redesigned backhoe loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment combine two machines in one perfectly formed unit. With new looks, improved comfort and using higher quality materials – the new B-Series unites a loader and backhoe in a marriage of equals.
Volvo backhoes provide end-to-end performance

The launch of its new BL61B and BL71B sees Volvo Construction Equipment thoroughly redesign its backhoe loader range – offering improved performance, usability and a modern appearance. Employing high quality materials throughout, the machine combines in a single, stable platform the strength and simplicity of a Volvo wheel loader with the power and performance of a Volvo excavator.

Both machines have a new curvier, stylized look, as well as a roomier CareCab. With an operating weight that ranges from 7.1 t (15,609 lbs) to 9.8 t (21,065 lbs), and gross power of 64 kW (86 hp) to 74.9 kW (100 hp), the BL61B and BL71B were designed and built with power, strength, long life and cost saving efficiency in mind.

Loader and boom

 The one piece chassis, loader arm and excavator boom are all made from high quality steel and robotically welded, giving precise, constant weld runs for structural integrity. The loader arm has a box-welded design and is reinforced with a cross tube. The larger excavator boom has a narrow, tall arch design that is inherently strong, and uses a closed box-welded approach with fewer components and welds, for durability and performance. The boom allows excellent visibility into the trench, as well as enabling closer proximity to the truck for loading. The cast iron kingpost offers flexibility of movement and swing.

Control in your hands

Compared to previous models the new BL61B and BL71B feature new controls. The machines are fitted with two floor mounted ergonomic levers that give the optimum grip for the operators hand movements when operating the excavator. The right lever is fitted with a horn for safety, and the left lever can have an optional fingertip button. This button controls the two-way auxiliary hydraulic line required when using double acting excavator attachments. The BL71B’s front loader is fitted with a single lever joystick for operating loader arm and bucket movements, multipurpose bucket opening and closing and also Forward, Reverse and Neutral transmission functions.

Fitted with either 18 inch or 20 inch front tires, these machines have a small turning circle and are extremely maneuverable, as well as easier to position on site. Helped by a new cast bucket linkage design, the bucket can rotate 205o – allowing vertical digging in all positions without repositioning the machine. Stability is improved by new rectangular stabilizer feet that have 30% more ground surface contact over previous models. The stabilizers are independently controlled, the pads are rotatable and easy replaced when worn.

Delivering the power

 The BL61B and BL71B both feature Volvo’s latest D5D four cylinder 4.8 litre engines, with direct injection and turbo charging. These high torque, fuel efficient engines meet the requirements of the EPA Tier 3/Stage IIIA emissions legislation. The torque converter on these machines is one of the largest in the industry and has excellent peak torque and torque rise. A differential lock on the rear axle is engaged via a foot switch on the side of the brake pedal and provides maximum rear wheel grip over slippery surfaces.

Both the loader and excavator benefit from flow sharing hydraulics that enable multi-functioning for efficient and smooth operation. BL71B features load sensing hydraulics that constantly adapt to the needs of the job in hand. With oil delivery that matches the required force, there is always the speed and power required for all hydraulic functions. In applications such as load and carry, where speed is important, the system efficiently delivers the required flow.

Improved CareCab

 The redesigned Volvo CareCab is now better than ever. Boasting 15% more space than before, the room between the operator’s seat and the left side of the cab has been increased, as has space around the excavator mechanical controls or pilots towers, making the position change between loader and excavator easier and more convenient. There is also a larger area to store personal items. A comfortable place to work, the seat, steering controls and instruments are all designed to lower fatigue and keep operators alert and in control. Comfort can be increased further with multi-adjustable steering column and high performance heating & cooling systems. A 30% increase in glass area combined with narrow pillars and a sloping hood bonnet design allow excellent all round visibility when working. Visibility is helped outside the cab, by adjustable standard-fit halogen work lights, and internally by a large cab dome light for safer entry and exit of the cab.

Tools for every job

 Both ends of the machine can be equipped with versatile, easy-to-use attachments and quick couplers. B-Series backhoes can be configured with general or multi-purpose loader buckets, pallet forks, hydraulic thumb, standard and heavy duty excavator buckets, hydraulic breaker attachments – a vast range of solutions. Bucket loader capacities range up to 1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3) and the backhoe excavator buckets have a maximum volume of 0.33 m3 (11.6 ft3).

Service and daily maintenance is made easy with the B-Series, with a one piece lifting hood and filters/service points all grouped together at ground level. Fewer greasing points and long greasing intervals also help to increase uptime. A tilting oil cooler in front of the radiator makes cleaning both the cooler and the radiator quick and easy.

Genuine service

 Volvo Construction Equipment provides much more than a vast range of attachments and genuine service and maintenance products. Advanced machines need state-of-art support in order to maximize uptime, productivity and resale values. A wide range of service plans are available, as are analysis and diagnostics tools. Each backhoe loader can, as an option, be fitted with Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system, which provides vital information on servicing, potential problems and location etc – allowing better planning and smarter working.

Both models have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they measure up to the daily challenges of a variety of jobs, including: deep trenching, heavy lifting, loading, craning and roading, among other tasks. 


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment