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Improving construction safety: 3-step plan

Modern machines have more safety features than ever before – so why do accidents still happen? Brian O’Sullivan considers the relationship between work site traffic, people and machines.

Why electric construction equipment won't solve the Total Cost of Ownership dilemma

Fuel costs may radically change but working out the ideal formula for running construction equipment will be just as complex in an all-electric future. Brian O’Sullivan looks at the many...

International launch of Volvo rigid hauler range

Volvo Construction Equipment unveiled its new range of Volvo-branded rigid haulers to customers and dealers at the company’s Motherwell facility in Scotland.

Six Innovations To Help Reduce Machine Costs

The cost of owning a machine is much more than just the initial purchase price.

Quarry saves costs and fuel with downhill hauling

Hauling shot rock downhill in order to then to go uphill may seem like a crazy way to run a quarry. But total cost of ownership and productivity have both jumped at Savage Quarry.

Volvo CE moves into 3D printing of parts

Volvo Construction Equipment moves into a new dimension to assist customers in supplying spare parts, and as part of its commitment to the research and development of new products.

How sustainable building is driving down costs

Is it really possible to ‘green up’ the construction industry while keeping costs at a minimum? Terri Wills, CEO of WorldGBC, makes the business case for sustainability.

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 ways to save money on your machines

For many construction site managers, getting the lowest total lifetime cost is crucial when managing their fleets. So how can they save money on their machines?

Productivity failings blamed for project delays

Investment in building and infrastructure is booming, yet on average large-scale projects run more than 20 months behind schedule.

VIDEO: Get it right with On-Board Weighing

See how load weighing systems are taking the guesswork out of loading and unloading and making the process safer, cheaper and more fuel efficient. In this 60-second explainer we show how...

How the EU is in danger of making construction less productive

Proposed European data privacy laws could hinder the flow of data around construction sites. In this article Riccardo Viaggi, Secretary General of the Committee for European Construction...

INFOGRAPHICS: Top tech trends to boost construction productivity

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world, yet its productivity record lags behind that of the world economy, growing at just 1% a year.

Tech key to driving down contracting costs

Managing equipment data and machine control systems lies at the heart of providing safe, productive equipment at the lowest possible cost, says Hubbard Construction’s John Sharp

Fixing construction's productivity problem

The construction industry has had a troubled history with productivity.

Volvo Construction Equipment see sales up 28% in Q4

Improved competitiveness and increased demand helped Volvo Construction Equipment put in a strong fourth quarter of 2017, with sales up 28% in the period, and up 31% for the full year.

Volvo CE's fully-electric compact excavator prototype wins Intermat Innovation Award

Volvo Construction Equipment’s fully-electric compact excavator has won an Intermat Innovation Award for its revolutionary design. The EX2 prototype delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher...

Volvo 'builds tomorrow' at Intermat Paris 2018

Under the theme ‘Building Tomorrow’, Volvo Construction Equipment will showcase its evolving approach to customer success, focusing on services, dealer capability and new technologies.

Volvo launches own range of rigid haulers

Volvo CE is set to enter the rigid hauler market with a complete Volvo-branded range. Using the expertise of its Motherwell facility in Scotland, the range consists of four machines,...

Volvo CE presents the second episode of 'The Megaproject Listing': Moving the city of Kiruna

The latest episode of ‘The Megaproject Listing’ takes viewers to the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna – where the city is on the move. Kiruna is relocating three kilometers east to ensure...

CECE Secretary General visits Volvo CE facilities in Eskilstuna

The Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) recently met the experts at Volvo CE to discuss how technology and environmental change are shaping the future of the industry.