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Xploration Forum

A range of futuristic concepts and innovations from electromobility to intelligent machines and total site solutions unveiled at the Xploration Forum in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Excitement was in the air at Xploration Forum, where hundreds of customers, members of the international press, government representatives and academics were given an exclusive look at a host of ground-breaking technology that has the potential to transform the industry. Highlights at the event, which was held between September 9th-14th, included: unveiling the LX01 prototype hybrid wheel loader – a machine with the potential to improve fuel efficiency by up to 50%, demonstrations of a prototype autonomous wheel loader and articulated hauler working together, and an electric site solution that showcased the new concept HX01 autonomous, battery-electric, load carrier. The electric site project aims to transform the quarry and aggregates industry by reducing carbon emissions by up to 95% and total cost of ownership by up to 25%.

“Volvo CE is at the forefront of technological development,” commented Martin Weissburg, Member of the Volvo Group Executive Board and President of Volvo CE, at the international press conference held during the Forum. “Each year, the Volvo Group invests billions of Swedish Kronor in research and development to drive the evolution of new innovations. We organize events such as the Xploration Forum because we want to share our exciting projects and concepts with the world. Although this technology may be years away from – or may never enter – production, it will undoubtedly influence our future offering and has the potential to transform the construction industry as we know it. The progress our engineers are making is exciting.


Xploration Forum teaser. Volvo Construction Equipment is showcasing futuristic innovations and technological advancements that have the potential to transform the construction industry as we know it.


TEASER IV – Xploration Forum


TEASER III – Xploration Forum


TEASER II – Xploration Forum


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