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Volvo Masters 2024

The Volvo CE Masters competition is arranged by all regional aftermarket training organizations.

It’s open to technicians of authorized Volvo CE dealers with a clear focus on know-how and practical knowledge. The aim is to help employees develop and improve their knowledge, skills, and ability to work as a team. The competition is also a way of showing how much hard work is carried out at dealers all over the world, and that we together invest in what our customers appreciate most – world-class service.

Why join?

As a dealer, the competition increases the staff's interest, knowledge, teamwork, and skills – bringing the best out of our line of work. In return, this earns you credit, a good reputation, and increased customer satisfaction. It’s also an opportunity to connect our aftermarket partners, creating new friendships between Volvo colleagues across the globe. You will also have access to a wide range of marketing materials to motivate and engage your staff. This is a great way to let your participants, clients, and followers know that you are taking an active part in the challenge.

Are you interested in joining the Masters Competition? Contact your Volvo CE dealer management.

The competition

The Masters competition is organized in different rounds, starting at the dealer level and then leading up to the regional and world final. Each region will handle its own individual competitions to sort out the teams that will qualify for the world final.

1. Registration opens
Claim your spot in the competition by registering here:

2. Team online test
The teams will face theoretical questions regarding products, parts and service according to Volvo protocols and standards.

3. Regional finals
Based on the outcome, the best teams are drafted to the Regional Finals where they go head-to-head with the best dealers.

4. World finals
The finalist teams from each of the regions will be flown to Eskilstuna, Sweden, for the final leg of the competition.

How to prepare

The competing teams will be judged on a scale of performance wherein not only their technical and parts systems knowledge and skills are evaluated, but also, judging of the proper handling of tools and demonstration of Volvo’s brand values will occur. A variety of Volvo products will be used in the finals, so prepare your team and take part in the courses in Veida. (Note that log-in is required. Contact your Volvo CE dealer management to request access.)

The history of Volvo CE Masters

Masters was initially conducted in 1990 as a part of the 30-year anniversary of Volvo CE Service Training. From 1990 to 1996 it was structured as individual competitions among service technicians. In 1998 service technicians began competing in teams. Since 2000 the teams consist of both parts and service technicians in regional and global finals. 

The latest competition involved around 3500 parts and service technicians from all over the world. It is an event where people with different nationalities, cultures and languages meet with one thing in common: exceptional skills. Compete with aftermarket professionals from all over the globe.

Volvo CE Masters previous winners

Parts and Service team competition
2019 Brent Mitchell, Michael Beilby, Grant Low, Graham Walker (TDX) - New Zeeland
2015-2016 Justin Merklin, Josh Riley, Tim Waller (Rudd Equipment) – North America
2013-2014 Matthew Needham, Billy Heywood, Chris Walker (Volvo CE GB) – England
2011 Scotty Cox, Billy Byers, James Dorton (ASC) – North America
2009 Gido Bennink, Frans van Boxmeer, Jos Houben (Kuiken N.V.) – Netherlands
2007 Shaun Harvey, Chris Brien, Jason Fairhead – Australia
2005 Richard Perry, Ed Deeken, Doug Perron – North America
2000 Garland Morrison, Joseph Tarte, Mark Reichert – North America

Team competition
1998 John-Anders Olsson, Keijo Rautiainen, Björn Kleiven – Sweden, Finland, Norway

Individual competiton
1996 Jan Andersson – Sweden
1994 Pentti Saerijoki – Finland
1992 Eric Deboeck – Belgium
1990 Per-Åke Persson – Sweden

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