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Volvo featured products at CONEXPO 2023.

Booth F8926

To stay ahead of the curve, every industry needs a change maker — someone willing to explore what’s possible and bring those ideas to life. Join us at CONEXPO 2023 and see the groundbreaking products and services our customers rely on to be competitive in an ever-changing, ever-challenging business environment.

Change starts here. Be ready for it.

EC230E Electric Excavator

Based on the conventional diesel-powered EC220E, this new medium-sized electric excavator will deliver the same performance, if not better, with the added benefits of zero emissions, low noise and low total cost of ownership. It’s expected to achieve a 60-70% reduction in energy running costs compared to the diesel-powered EC220E.

New and improved L350H Wheel Loader

This heavy-duty upgrade features a more responsive hydraulics system, with new lift and tilt cylinders and an increased hydraulic working pressure that allows for 10% faster work cycles and higher productivity. The upgraded driveline features new Volvo axles and an all-new Volvo transmission which enables the third generation OptiShift to be equipped as standard.

L200H High Lift Wheel Loader

Featuring a 27% increase in lifting capacity and a 13% larger grapple than the L180H model it replaces, this machine can handle more timber per hour, upping productivity and driving down operating costs.

Visit Volvo at CONEXPO 2023 and see these additional machines and product features up close.

Visit Volvo at CONEXPO 2023 and see these additional machines and product features up close.

  • Compact electric equipment
  • ZEUX autonomous concept wheel loader
  • L90H wheel loader
  • Hydrogen fuel cell hauler prototype
  • ECR355EL crawler excavator
  • EWR130 wheeled excavator
  • SD115B soil compactor
  • DD128C asphalt compactor
  • Volvo attachments
  • Safety features like Volvo SmartView
  • Volvo Assist in-cab machine control systems
  • ActiveCare® Direct 24/7 machine monitoring and monthly reporting
  • Site Simulation tool 
  • And more!

Plan your Volvo CONEXPO booth visit and save time for these one-of-a-kind experiences.

  • Head to the arena and test drive our quiet, efficient electric compact excavators and wheel loaders.
  • Discover a range of charging solutions that keep our electric machines going strong.
  • Visit our Solutions Hall to learn more about unique services that give your business an edge.
  • See our fully electric FIA World Rallycross car.
  • Hop in the seat and experience smooth, efficient operation in our machine simulators.
  • Learn how we’re leading the way to net zero with our CO2 reduction program.
It’s a big list, and it’s only the beginning.

Check back as we unveil more new products and services leading up to the show — we even have a few never-before-seen things to show you in Las Vegas. See you there!