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Here you find customer success stories and articles on solutions and exciting projects from around the world. For further information or images relating to the articles, please get in touch with our press managers.

Full speed ahead for the Volvo express

About 400 Volvo machines are being used at the South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail (SEA HSR) development in France, that will run for 188 miles from Tours to Bordeaux.

Pipeline quenches Swedish thirst

The latest PL3005D-Series rotating pipelayer from Volvo Construction Equipment is supporting the development of a new 1,200m water pipeline in Stockholm.

Maintenance means mileage at Chinese quarry

Li Yu Shan Mining keeps its durable Volvo B-Series excavators in good health thanks to routine maintenance, courtesy of Volvo Construction Equipment.

Volvo wheel loaders help family business flourish

Family-owned Bradley Concrete and Lambcon Ready-Mix are using a fleet of Volvo wheel loaders to grow a business, focused on producing the highest quality concrete at the lowest possible...

Volvo takes great pains to help water flow in arid Great Plains

Helping to replenish drought-hit cities is the job of three Volvo excavators, digging deep to rebuild the underground infrastructure of the Great American Desert.

Volvo helps get milk from moo to you in Texas

Helping to maintain sustainable operations for the largest dairy in northeast Texas is the job of Volvo CE-equipped farm, Still Meadow Dairy.

A smooth ride in the Sunshine State

Paving the road for Florida’s latest mega project is the job of Volvo CE-equipped concrete and asphalt specialist Ajax Paving Industries.

Volvo storms to victory in Gothenburg

Home advantage worked for Volvo at the Gothenburg City Arena in Sweden last weekend. In front of a boisterous hometown crowd, Volvo cleaned up in the finale of the TTA (Touring Car Team...

Volvo gathers champions in golf’s tour de force

South Africa plays host to the inaugural Volvo Golf Champions tournament this weekend. And the fun isn’t reserved just for the professionals; spectators can try their hand at chipping out of...

Volvo CE wins Gold for construction industry

Olympians aren’t the only ones winning gold this month. Volvo Construction Equipment is awarded gold status in the I Make America campaign – a grassroots effort that supports the creation of...

Volvo CE turns out the lights

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is joining millions of people worldwide who are willing to turn their lights off for one hour on Saturday March 31st 2012.

Volvo CE in ‘ore’ inspiring mining performance

LKAB, one of the largest mining companies in Europe, uses Volvo Construction Equipment machinery to support the excavation of its vast iron ore pits around the globe.

Volvo CE develops talent in China

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has opened a new Competence Development Center in North China in partnership with local colleges and dealers to educate talented young people in...

Volvo CE breaks the ice (and snow)

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is no stranger to wintery conditions – but imagine this, it’s the middle of winter, it’s been snowing for days, the temperature has dropped out of sight...

Making light of overburden in India

Montecarlo Construction Limited (MCL) is removing over 66 million cubic meters of overburden at an open-cast quarry in Singrauli.

Volvo articulated haulers: half a century of success

Volvo Construction Equipment is not just the leader in articulated haulers – it created the market in 1966. As the concept reaches its historic 50 year milestone, Volvo is still creating...

Volvo works on the dock of a bay

The biggest port in Western China sees Guizhong Haixun Logistics using a fleet of Volvo machines to handle more than 100 million tonnes of cargo a year.

Volvo rocks heavy metal in Qatar

A fleet of Volvo machines are being used by Saba Engineering & Contracting in Qatar to sort and transfer scrap metal from its site in Mesaieed.

Volvo reaches the Shillong Peak of efficiency

The two-lane Shillong bypass in Meghalaya, India, consists of 500 km of high altitude road, built with the help of Volvo equipment.

Volvo puts in Olympic effort at Korean quarry

Wonju is a popular holiday destination thanks to its picturesque landscape, golf courses and woodland. The beauty is just not skin deep; the region also boasts mineral-rich ground and is a...