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Infographic: Top Innovations To Change The Mining Market

From the industrial revolution to today’s digital revolution – mining has been surprisingly creative when it comes to boosting safety and productivity.

World Environment Day:  construction cleans up its act

As World Environment Day approaches, Sasha Risler looks at how construction equipment manufacturers are cleaning up their act with climate-friendly innovations.

Working on the dock by the day

The General San Martín Port Workers’ Cooperative in Argentina moves over six million tons of agricultural exports a year, its dockers helped by a fleet of 79 Volvo machines.

Within Geneva’s reach

In a spot overlooking the Rhone River in the heart of Geneva, construction and demolition specialist HTP is demolishing a block of former offices on the busy Rue du Stand, using the...

When the general manager of Volvo Rents Georgia, USA, had a cancer scare close to home, he decided to paint his Volvo EC140B excavator pink to raise over $2,000 for Breast Cancer Research.

Pink may not seem the obvious color choice for construction equipment, but it is this season's 'must-have' accessory for any construction site in Georgia, USA, thanks to Ed Mchale, general...

When artificial intelligence meets the construction industry

The potential for artificial intelligence – or AI – is high on the social agenda. Seemingly, everyone from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to Tesla CEO Elon Musk has an opinion on the...

When a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Yushu, in Qinghai, China, a Volvo Construction Equipment dealer immediately mobilized, to administer relief goods to the region.

At 07:49 local time on April 14th, a colossal 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit the Tibetan Autonomous Province of Yushu, in Qinghai, China. Followed by a string of aftershocks, the devastating...

Wheel loaders cultivate friends in Poland

A farmer in Poland has transformed a family business into one of the country’s largest producers of both premium-quality mushrooms and the compost used to grow them.

Wayne’s world of waste

The Wayne Township Landfill reuses and recycles solid waste using a range of Volvo construction equipment, serving the local community in Pennsylvania, US.

Volvo breathes life back into the Chesapeake Bay

Maryland Environmental Service is using a Volvo EC300E amphibious excavator to restore Poplar Island, a once diminishing remote island habitat in the Chesapeake Bay, North America.

Waste time in Germany

Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft is using Volvo articulated haulers to transport approximately 50,000 tonnes of waste a year to a treatment facility and economical landfill site in Germany.

Volvo transforms winter slumberland into year-round Icehotel

Sweden’s coolest holiday venue – the Icehotel – is now open 365 days a year thanks to a fleet of Volvo wheel loaders working in sub-zero temperatures.

Waste not, want not, thanks to Volvo

A fleet of Volvo wheel loaders and excavators are helping Zimmermann Recycling & Transport sort and recycle 200,000 tonnes of waste every year.

Volvo’s H10 loads again

Volvo Construction Equipment’s oldest wheel loader, the H10, has been brought back to life by Dutch equipment hire company Van Werven to celebrate 65 years in business.

Volvo works on the dock of a bay

The biggest port in Western China sees Guizhong Haixun Logistics using a fleet of Volvo machines to handle more than 100 million tonnes of cargo a year.

Volvo wins on aggregate

In the Canadian city of Coquitlam, 4,000 tons of glacial clay is being excavated every day across a 90-hectare aggregate open-pit mine.

Volvo unites at the IAA show

Volvo Construction Equipment joined Volvo Trucks at the IAA show in Hannover this month to show how its products are working towards a more productive future.

Volvo wheel loaders help family business flourish

Family-owned Bradley Concrete and Lambcon Ready-Mix are using a fleet of Volvo wheel loaders to grow a business, focused on producing the highest quality concrete at the lowest possible...

Volvo wakes up quarrying at Indonesian volcano

A Volvo EC220DL excavator is not only increasing productivity by 30% at the Alam Jaya volcanic rock quarry – it is also reducing fuel consumption by two liters per hour.

Volvo takes great pains to help water flow in arid Great Plains

Helping to replenish drought-hit cities is the job of three Volvo excavators, digging deep to rebuild the underground infrastructure of the Great American Desert.