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Here you find customer success stories and articles on solutions and exciting projects from around the world. For further information or images relating to the articles, please get in touch with our press managers.

Express delivery

Volvo machines are helping to build the final link in Germany’s new rail line between Stuttgart and Ulm.

Volvo wakes up quarrying at Indonesian volcano

A Volvo EC220DL excavator is not only increasing productivity by 30% at the Alam Jaya volcanic rock quarry – it is also reducing fuel consumption by two liters per hour.

Stability is key in Indonesia’s paddy fields

Volvo Construction Equipment’s EC140BLCM is an effective solution for working the paddy fields of Southeast Asia – offering power, fuel efficiency and stability on the boggy terrain.

Pipelayers go with the flow at German water works

Rohrbau Gmünd is relying on the precision performance of Volvo Construction Equipment’s PL4809D pipelayer for laying 2.6 tonne water pipes along 3.4km in Germany.

German tree trimmers take a leaf out of Volvo’s book

German contractor Autobahnamt Montabaur is maintaining highways and roadside woodland – all with the support of Volvo CE’s newly redesigned Volvo Construction Equipment’s EW160E wheeled...

Changi Airport expansion boosted by Volvo

Hwa Seng Builder Pte Ltd (HSB), one of the contractors handling expansion work at Singapore’s Changi Airport, is using a large fleet of equipment, including approximately 25 machines from...

International pipeline helps heat homes

In northern France, just south of the port of Dunkirk, a Volvo PL4809D rotating pipelayer is helping to bring another section of pipeline towards the Belgian border.

Boosting Scotland’s green energy sector

With Scotland’s renewable energy sector expanding Argyll-based construction company, TSL Contractors is helping deliver several projects across the country – with Volvo Construction...

Slick operations in Saudi

The first Volvo Construction Equipment rotating pipelayer to get to work in Saudi Arabia is helping to build a pipeline extension through the vast Khurais oilfield.

Full suspension hauler makes good impression on Italian quarry

Quarrying company Italcave has boosted productivity thanks to the addition of a Volvo A40F-FS full suspension articulated hauler.

Little and large loaders at show

The ultimate LEGO show – BRICK 2014 – featured a real-life Volvo L60G-Series and a fleet of LEGO’s amazing Technic replicas for visitors at the London show to ‘test drive’.

Turning up the gas

Volvo pipelayers were used on both sides of the border to allow gas to flow from France to Belgium for the first time.

Sipping fuel in the deep South

A fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment is working at a coal mine in northern Louisiana, ensuring smooth operations at a guaranteed fuel efficiency level.

Maintaining the flow

Three PL3005D pipelayers from Volvo Construction Equipment are working to replace 66 km of pipeline in central Argentina.

Volvo articulated haulers: half a century of success

Volvo Construction Equipment is not just the leader in articulated haulers – it created the market in 1966. As the concept reaches its historic 50 year milestone, Volvo is still creating...

Saints go marching on

The first plane has already landed at the new airport built on the remote island of St Helena – with the help of machines from Volvo Construction Equipment.

Far from the madding crowd

Rich in natural resources, but poor in the infrastructure needed to extract, refine and export them, Madagascar’s resurgent resource sector is helping to power its economic growth and future...

Thinking outside the box

Volvo Construction Equipment has developed mobile service stations for its customers in far-flung places.

Parallel lines

Close to Dresden in eastern Germany, contractor EAS (Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH) is using Volvo pipelayers to construct two parallel gas pipelines for transmission operator ONTRAS.

Clearing the way ahead

California-based demolition company FERMA is preparing Silicon Valley for a wave of new development thanks to a reliable fleet of specially-modified Volvo high-reach excavators.