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Here you find customer success stories and articles on solutions and exciting projects from around the world. For further information or images relating to the articles, please get in touch with our press managers.

Volvo takes great pains to help water flow in arid Great Plains

Helping to replenish drought-hit cities is the job of three Volvo excavators, digging deep to rebuild the underground infrastructure of the Great American Desert.

Volvo keeps operations on track for Swedish railway

Together, customers and Volvo Construction Equipment find innovative solutions for special applications.

Volvo branches out at German tree and plant nursery

Expectations are high among staff at the Hamburg-based tree and plant specialists Lorenz von Ehren Nurseries as they await the arrival of a new L120 wheel loader to join their fleet of Volvo...

Restoration effort reaches new heights

Multiple companies across the Appalachian Mountains rely on Volvo Construction Equipment to restore the barren Copper Basin in Tennessee to its former glory.

Safety central to Orlando highway overhaul

Florida’s clogged highways require urgent intervention from both man and machine – with Volvo Construction Equipment safely leading the way.

Ensuring new Silk Road is suitably smooth

As part of China’s initiative to boost economic opportunities in Eurasia, a major expansion of the Karokoram Highway-II – a new Silk Road, in effect – is underway. A fleet of Volvo...

Volvo excavator ‘one-armed money-maker’ for Baltazar Contractors

An EC700C excavator from Volvo works to replace a 9.6-kilometer stretch of pipeline in New England, US.

Volvo haulers dig deep at Chinese phosphate mine

China’s largest modern open-pit phosphorus mining operation relies on a fleet of 40 Volvo articulated haulers to transport the essential element efficiently and safely.

Volvo wheel loaders help family business flourish

Family-owned Bradley Concrete and Lambcon Ready-Mix are using a fleet of Volvo wheel loaders to grow a business, focused on producing the highest quality concrete at the lowest possible...

Knocking heavy-duty demolition down to size

Volvo Construction Equipment’s latest demolition machine is proudly sticking its neck out on a large-scale project in the Netherlands.

Groundbreaking business for Midlands-based construction company

Mud, muck and machines: the stratospheric growth of Collins Earthworks, the UK construction company that has gone from strength to strength in recent years, thanks largely to its...

Volvo paves the way for revolutionary American asphalt alternative

US-based contractor Conewago Enterprises Inc. is using Volvo ABG7820C pavers to get the very best results when laying down its revolutionary roller-compacted concrete, a cost-effective and...

Volvo helps tidy up Lebanese waste muddle

Lebanese Volvo dealer AMTRAC is supplying Zahlé municipality with an L110F wheel loader in a bid to help alleviate the country’s waste crisis.

No time to waste in the Lone Star state

Champion Waste and Recycling's Town & Country Material Recovery facility brings the convenience of single-stream recycling to construction and demolition contractors in Dallas-Fort Worth,...

India’s road to development

As part of the government’s plans to accelerate economic growth, a major expansion of India’s road network is underway – with Volvo Construction Equipment helping to pave the way.

Recycling with a ‘can’ do attitude

Millions of spent soft drink cans are just some of the raw material helping Smelter Service Corporation recycle aluminum in double quick time in Tennessee – with a little help from Volvo...

Volvo makes its mark in Golden State

Family-owned business, Payco Specialties, is using a pair of Volvo skid steer loaders to aid major road marking projects in the Southern California.

Volvo CE hits home run for major-league baseball

A Volvo EC220E crawler excavator has changed the face of baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays, transforming the team’s infield from artificial turf to all-dirt.

Demolition: Don't knock it

Bringing heavy-duty demolition down to size is the job of two Volvo excavators – in the hands of deconstruction experts, Skillings Crushing Construction.

Limestone makes for cleaner coal

Helping clean coal mining and power generation is the job of Volvo CE-equipped New Mexico limestone producer, C&E Concrete.