Genuine Volvo Filters are the best choice for your Volvo machine

Volvo Filters – your best choice

Genuine Filters from Volvo make sure that your Volvo construction equipment stay in peak condition. They are specifically designed to work perfectly with your Volvo machine. Choose Filters from Volvo if you want top productivity, profitability and safety.

Filters are important parts of your construction equipment. They have to clean fluids and air from dirt and impurities. Effective filters ensure optimal function and operating safety.

Please make sure to change your genuine Volvo filter at recommended intervals. This may prevent premature component repairs or replacements, a small investment that lowers your total cost of ownership!
Volvo filters work in the most demanding conditions. They always have:

  • High cleaning efficiency that is matched to engine, transmission and hydraulic system.
  • High dirt capacity which gives long change intervals, without impaired function.
  • Filter elements of the highest quality.
  • Stable corrosion-protected casing.

Please contact your Volvo dealer for more information about Filters and how to maximize the performance of your Volvo construction equipment.