Volvo PT240R Large asphalt - Features & benefits

Pneumatic Tire Compactor – Knead for Uniformity

The rubber-wheeled compactor PT240R was developed in line with the latest expertise in the compaction of bituminous asphalt courses and natural soils. The strong kneading effect is a unique capability of the rubber-wheeled compactor. The large wheel load and elasticity of the rubber tyres produce a constant insulating and sealing effect.

  • High-performance Cummins engine and hydrostatic travel mode.

  • Ballast of 9 500 - 24 000 kg (10.5 - 26.5 sh tn).

  • Central tyre filling system for optimum tire pressure.

  • Patented, isostatic front axle with two plunger cylinders.
  • Sprinkling system.

  • Spacious panorama cab, fitted with heating and ventilation, offers perfect view of the working environment.

  • Easy operation thanks to two workplaces.

  • Large working temperature range -15 to 45° C (5 to 113° F).

  • Large ballast bunker 1,8 m³ (35.3 ft³).

  • Water-tight frame.

  • Small turning circle.

  • Hydrostatic steering.

  • Good accessibility to the service points.