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Concrete Pumps and Batching Plants


Man lives on a rock - the earth. He has created his world on this rock. He moves mountains and puts down roads. Using natural rock, he produces his man-made rock and conrete. Making and moving concrete means moving mountains and laying new paths. Wherever concrete is produced, building blocks of the world are moved, that is where you find the Schwing Group. Everywhere and always on hand when our world is undergoing change.

The Schwing Group is the world's No. 1 system house in all matters concerning concrete - from batching and mixing to transport placing of the fresh concrete through the recylcing of residual concrete.

Stetter concrete mixing plants represents the first link of a chain. Stetter truck mixers take the concrete to the site. SCHWING concrete pumps make concrete alive creating residential properties, bridges, tunnels football stadiums or skyscrapers. The recycling of residual concrete guarantees a perfect use of concrete and environmental protection.

The SCHWING Group is the concrete industry's worldwide No. 1 address for efficient engineering, reliable service and comprehensive know-how.