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Crawler Tractors and Loaders


The Liebherr Crawler Tractors and Loaders are configured for sustained performance and efficiency in performing difficult tasks. Specific versions of the machine are matched to ensure meeting these requirements during special operations such as landfills.

Dirt deposits and contaminations are kept to a minimum and exposed components are protected against damage. Depending upon the particular application, it is often recommended that perfectly matched accessories be utilized in order to achieve optimal performance resuilts.

The right machine for each application is the accessory package. Years of experience has perfected the crawler concept to ensure that Liebherr Crawler, Tractors and Loarders produce the desired efficient performance even under difficult conditions. Towards that goal, the advantages of the hydrostatic drive such as its easy steering, variable speed control and up to counter rotation manoeuveribilty are the best prerequisites especially when performing difficult moving operations.