Features & Benefits - DD100 : Win Strategic

Volvo DD100, compactor: Smoothly leaving the right impression on your jobs.

The Volvo DD100 Compactor is the ideal roller for asphalt contractor operations of varying sizes, working in versatile applications. From roadways and highways to large parking lots and airport runways, this is the compactor suited to a wide range of conditions and widths. By getting the job done as efficently as possible - in the fewest amount of passes - the DD100 will help you complete your jobs with greater profitability.

The DD100 compactor puts you in complete control of amplitude, frequency and more - all with the visibility and comfort you expect from Volvo.

Top features of the Volvo DD100 compactor include:

Eight amplitude settings
Volvo DD100, compactor Eight amplitude settings

Eight amplitude settings are easily adjusted by the operator, allowing for frequent changes as conditions vary, including adjustments for dynamic drum force and drum amplitude.

Frequency selections are easily selected
Volvo DD100, compactor frequency selection

Frequency selections are easily selected from the operator’s electronic vibration control, allowing the matching of machine performance to production requirements.

Automatic eccentric rotation
Volvo DD100, compactor Automatic eccentric rotation

Automatic eccentric rotation frees the operator from the task of changing the rotation, automatically matching the direction of travel, improving mat smoothness with less material distortion and less use of engine power.

Rubber isolated operator’s platform
Volvo DD100, compactor Rubber isolated platform

Rubber isolated operator’s platform reduces the effect of machine vibrations on the operator, decreasing fatigue for greater operator comfort, safety and prolonged productivity.

Impact spacing meter
Volvo DD100, compactor Impact spacing meter

Impact spacing meter allows the operator to easily monitor the machine’s impact spacing with a control panel-mounted meter that helps guide travel speed adjustments.

Excellent service & maintenance access
Volvo DD100, compactor Service and maintenance

Excellent service & maintenance access from unobstructed daily checkpoints, ground-level access to key components and a swing-up hood design that provides easy, complete access to the engine and hydraulic components.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo compactor are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo DD100 compactor can improve your efficiency: