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New Volvo L45G wheeled loader provides greater capacity

New Volvo L45G wheeled loader provides greater capacity

A new Volvo L45Gwheeled loader has been supplied to H G Matthews, traditional brick makers of repute, and is in charge of feeding the primary hopper with clay product at the company’s Bellingdon works close to Chesham in Buckinghamshire.
The new Volvo was selected after appraising a similar L45G model sold to another company not far from H G Matthews premises and the way in which the initial enquiry was handled according to Co- Trafford Matthews. “Traditionally we had operated an alternative make and although we knew Volvo stood for quality having driven Volvo cars for many years we did take our time in deciding on a piece of Volvo construction equipment. To be honest we appreciated the professional approach from the team at Volvo so this coupled to our immediate acceptance of the machine clinched the deal”.

New Volvo L45G wheeled loader provides greater capacity

The machine has been supplied with three identical 1.2m³ rehandling buckets which are dedicated to the three main types of clay arriving at the stock yard. By utilising the Volvo attachment bracket, swapping buckets is very simple and saves a good deal of time ‘de-contaminating’ from one material to another.

The L45G benefits from excellent all round visibility thanks to the design of the rear chassis with its sloping engine hood facilitated by the transverse mounted Stage IIIB compliant engine and hydrostatic motor. The operator’s environment has been recognised as a key factor in achieving high productivity and the Volvo Care Cab is at the forefront of delivering a high level of operator comfort. All the machine’s controls and functions come easily to hand and air conditioning is of course standard. The engine’s output of 100hp is superbly matched to the hydrostatic transmission allowing full power shift under load when changing direction and between speed ranges. As with its bigger brothers in the range the L45G sports a Torque Parallel (TP) loader linkage which provides smooth, parallel lift, high roll back torque and good lifting power throughout the lift cycle. The Volvo hydraulic attachment bracket facilitates the easy change over of attachments.

The Volvo L45G wheeled loader features separate power steering and load-sensing hydraulic pumps. The advantage of this is that separate pumps ensure full steering power is achieved, regardless of the load on the main hydraulic pumps. Oil flow on the load-sensing pump automatically adjusts to match work demand. The result is lower fuel consumption during lighter work – along with no compromise in performance when operating in tough conditions or demanding applications.
Established in 1923, H G Matthews is a family run business celebrating 90 years in business producing hand-made bricks with locally sourced clay. The company is the last remaining brickyard in Buckinghamshire which provides bespoke styles and colours of brick for new house builds, renovations and extensions to fulfil local planning consents. It is the only brick producer using a biomass heating process for drying clay prior to firing in the UK and is pioneering the use of raw timber as the fuel source for firing its bricks.

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June 17, 2013

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