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Volvo EW160D digger: The wheels to keep your profits turning.

The Volvo EW160D digger delivers highly-mobile performance and flexibility in a wide range of applications. The Volvo EW160D excavator is a rubber-wheeled machine that excels off road or on roads. Smoothly travel between jobs with ease, excelling at applications that include bucket digging, trenching, lifting, lifting pipe, grading and sloping, truck loading, hydraulic hammer work and more. The EW160D excavator provide tremendous digging performance, attachment versatility, along with rubber tires that provide less disturbance to ground or pavement. Top features of the Volvo EW160D digger include:

Volvo D6 Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim enginee

Volvo EW160D digger (excavator) reliable Volvo Stage D6 IIIB Tier4 Interm engines deliver power and fuel efficiency
Volvo D6 Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim engine with V-ACT technology delivers top power, leading fuel efficiency and low emission levels.

Spacious, ROPS-safety certified cab

Volvo EW160D digger (excavator) Volvo cabs are spacious with excellent visability and are ROPS safety certified
Spacious, ROPS-safety certified cab enhances productivity through easy access to controls and excellent all-around visibility.

Increased digging force

Volvo EW160D digger (excavator) feature increased digging force for productive digging trenching and more
Increased digging force achieves greater productivity and higher performance.

High quality throughout the entire machine

Volvo EW160D digger (excavator) are designed with quality components and features throughout the entire machine

High quality throughout the entire machine, from Volvo matched components to dependable features, means more trust in your machine.

Ease and safety of serviceability 

Volvo EW160D digger (excavator) ease of serviceability makes daily uptime even greater
Ease and safety of serviceability from grouped filters and easy to access, ground-level compartments.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo excavator are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo EW160D digger can improve your efficiency: