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Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger (excavator) are purpose built for Volvo excavators

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger:
Breaking new ground

Introducing Volvo’s range of purpose-built hydraulic breakers, designed to work in harmony with your Volvo excavator. Volvo breakers are available for both new and existing machines in your fleet, together with an all-in-one package of hydraulic hoses, breaker bracket and tools, so you can start using your breaker right away.

Volvo breakers deliver every strike with the same optimal power as the last, providing consistent power and breaking force, even in demanding tasks. Using the two-speed control, operators can choose the best frequency for the application to further increase the machine’s productivity.

Easy to maintain, Volvo’s durable breakers feature an anti-blank firing function to prevent unnecessary wear or damage to the machine and are supported by a vast network of technicians, parts and workshops.

Top features of Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for excavator include:

Anti-Blank Firing

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger (excavator) have an anti-blank firing function
An anti-blank function stops the breaker from striking when the material has already been penetrated, preventing costly damage and downtime.

Two-speed control

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger (excavator) have a two-speed control increasing machine versatility
The two-speed control allows the operator to select either quick short bursts or long hard blows, increasing the machine’s versatility and productivity in different applications.

Matched engineering

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger (excavator) feature matched engineering for optimal performance
Your Volvo breaker is made to work in harmony with your Volvo machine. The weight is matched for optimal stability while the machine’s hydraulic technology enhances breaker performance.

Service Network

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger (excavator) are fully supported by our service network
With our extensive infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers, Volvo has a comprehensive network to fully support you using local knowledge and global experience.

Match and attach

Volvo Hydraulic Breakers for digger (excavator) are provided with an all-in-one package ready to use
Start using your Volvo breaker straight away thanks to a package of hydraulic hoses, breaker bracket and tools – available with a new machine or for an existing machine in your fleet.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo Attachments for excavator are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo Attachments for digger can improve your efficiency: