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Volvo Attachments for mini digger (mini excavator) offer the perfect solution to get your jobs done more efficiently by combining compact excavator, bucket, quick coupler and Steelwrist tiltrotator

A Volvo mini digger, bucket, factory fitted quick coupler and Steelwrist® tiltrotator:
The ultimate combination

A Volvo mini digger and bucket together with a factory fitted quick coupler and Steelwrist®* tiltrotator deliver the ultimate combination of high productivity, safety, precise control and reduced fuel consumption.

These durable attachments are designed to perform in perfect harmony with Volvo mini excavator. Experience a new way of working and get the job done with Volvo.

The Volvo mini digger attachments offer include:

Factory fitted solution

Volvo Attachments for mini digger (mini excavator) include a factory fitted Steelwrist tiltrotator offer

Volvo is the only manufacturer to offer a factory fitted Steelwrist tiltrotator for its compact crawler excavators. The Volvo fitted system provides superior quality and is fully supported in terms of parts and warranty.

Front pin lock technology

Volvo Attachments for mini digger (mini excavator) ultimate safety front pin lock technology

For ultimate safety when changing attachments, front pin lock technology prevents the bucket from falling even if the operator fails in the connection procedure. The positive/negative lock indication system displays green when the bucket is in a secure position and red when not fully secured.

Compact design

Volvo Attachments for mini digger (mini excavator) tiltrotator compact design

The compact design of the tiltrotator results in improved digging performance and fuel efficiency.

One-piece casting

Volvo Attachments for mini digger (mini excavator) quick coupler one-piece casting

Designed to withstand increased forces when using a tiltrotator, the quick coupler is cast in one piece from high tensile strength steel for maximum durability, delivering a lightweight design and unrivalled performance.

Single quick coupler switch

The factory fit control system automatically prevents the opening of the top quick coupler when a tiltrotator is attached – increasing safety when changing attachments.

* Steelwrist® is a registered trademark of Steelwrist AB.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo Attachments for mini excavator are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo Attachments for mini digger  can improve your efficiency: