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Compact excavators

Models Operating weight
EC15C 1540 - 1630 kg
EC17C 1560 - 1650 kg
EC18C 1670 - 1760 kg
EC20C 1850 - 1940 kg
EC27C 2660 - 2790 kg
EC35C 3435 - 3565 kg
EC55C 5700 kg
ECR25D 2400 - 2490 kg
ECR38 3343 - 3437 kg
ECR50D 5.01 - 5.2  t
ECR58D, ECR88D 5.7 - 9.5 t

Volvo ECR50D  mini digger (mini excavator) is designed to save you time and money

Wheeled excavators

Models Operating weight
EW140D 14,1-15,9 t
EW160D 16,2-18,2 t
EW160E, EW180E 

16,2-20,3 t

EW180D, EW210D 18,1-22,8 t

Volvo EW160E, EW180E digger (excavator) are built with and for our customers

Crawler excavators

Models Operating weight
EC140D 13,0-16,3 t
ECR145D, ECR235D 14,4-27,6 t
EC160D, EC180D 16,1-19,9 t
EC220D 20,9-24,6 t
EC220E 20,6-25,8 t
EC250E, EC300E 25.6-32.7 t
EC380E 36-43 t
EC480E 45.6-53.9 t
EC700C 69,3-71,7 t

Volvo EC220E digger (excavator) delivers high performance and low fuel consumption
Compact excavators Wheeled excavators Crawler excavators

Mini diggers and diggers from Volvo. Dig in to find your ideal machine.

Volvo mini diggers and diggers have your solution for dependable excavating equipment. On crawler tracks or on the road with wheeled versatility, you’re on your way to more profit in site preparation, landscaping, trenching, excavation, demolition, truck loading, utility/piping and more.

From mini to large, choose the right size machine, and then go to work.

Top-features for the range of Volvo mini diggers and diggers include:
  • Dependable Volvo engines deliver class-leading fuel economy
  • Volvo Care Cabs provide the safety and comfort to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity
  • Ease of service, with ground-level access to routine service points, for maximum availability
  • Advanced hydraulic systems for highly-responsive performance
  • Versatile quick fit systems, for easy bucket and tool change out

Find more information about buying the hydraulic excavator that's right for you by selecting one of the families.