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Volvo Excavator Attachments

Volvo Excavator Attachments - A perfect match for even higher productivity

Choosing the right attachment for your Excavator is most critical for being highly productive in your daily business. With their exceptional design and durability Volvo buckets, tooth and quick fit systems can help you to achieve this goal and to add even more uptime and versatility to your excavator - no matter what material you have to handle.

Amongst others the range of Volvo attachments includes:

Volvo Buckets

  • General purpose (GP) buckets - Excel at digging and rehandling soft to medium materials
  • Heavy duty (HD) buckets - designed for dense materials like clay and gravel
  • Rock buckets - penetrate and load sharp, fractured materials
  • Extreme service bucket (for EC700 excavators) - for even the most extreme ground conditions like sharp rock
  • Ditch cleaning fixed (DCF) buckets - for excavating muck and soft material

Self-sharpening tooth-system

Volvo enhances and sharpens the bucket's point of attack with a versatile and robust tooth system. This system includes for example:

  • GPE: Self-sharpening general-purpose tooth with good penetration and long service life
  • AMRE: Self-sharpening tooth resists wear in rock and other abrasive materials
  • PPE: Pick-point excavator tooth with maximum penetration in hard clay or frozen ground
  • SNE: Spade nose tooth is designed for finishing work such as leveling, grading, cleaning & backfilling

Volvo Quick fit systems

Because excavators are called on to do more than ever before, Volvo offers quick fit systems that maximize your productivity:

  • Universal quick fit (UQF) - allows you to use a wide variety of buckets from many manufacturers and also to use the bucket in face shovel position
  • Dedicated S1, S2, S3, S6 quick fit (SQF) - has the tightest bucket fit in the industry for minimum bucket and pin wear, and maximum breakout force. This lowprofile quick fit has excellent visibility to the attachment. An integrated lifting eye provides more flexibility and increases lifting capacity

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