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New Volvo buckets make the perfect partners

                                     New Volvo buckets make the perfect partners

Volvo excavator buckets are engineered to match the technical and performance characteristics of Volvo machines and are available in a wide range of choices that enable customers to take on an extremely wide range of jobs, application or material — from soft soil to shot rock. Perfectly optimized for ground penetration, the Volvo bucket range is formed in high-tensile steel for increased structural durability, with wear plates positioned to cover and protect critical areas, thereby extending lifespan. 

The buckets’ roof structure has also been given a new profile that offers greater strength and durability. A short-tip radius produces enhanced breakout force, while the bucket rotation angle has been optimized for maximum working range, offering an improvement in digging depth. The full range of genuine Volvo wear parts — including a variety of teeth, adapters, segments, side cutters, shrouds, wear plates and wear strips — can be configured for specific needs in most applications, while reduced wear means longer uptime.

General-purpose buckets

Ideal for digging or rehandling soft to medium materials — including dirt, loam, sand or loose clay (with limited rock content), to a material density of up to 1,800 kg/m3 — Volvo’s general-purpose buckets come in several direct-fit or quick coupler interfaces and provide higher penetration force for optimum performance and improved geometry, offering both better fill factor and material release. They’re also protected by wear strips that cover 40% of the bottom area and side-wear plates that cover 25% of the side area. Anti-abrasive bolt- or weld-on side cutters and safety hook are available as options.

                                      New Volvo buckets make the perfect partners

Heavy-duty buckets

For use in applications like mining or quarrying or when digging in compact materials like loose or blasted rock, or hard-packed clay or gravel, Volvo’s heavy-duty buckets can work to a maximum material density of up to 2,100 kg/m3. Like Volvo’s general-purpose line, these buckets are designed for durability, excellent fill factor and high performance. But they’re also optimized to resist the rigors of the toughest applications, with a reinforced roof structure and wear strips covering more than 80% of the bottom area and side-wear plates covering about 50% of the side areas, for increased wear life over general-purpose buckets. Anti-abrasive side shrouds, front segments and safety hook are available as options.


* The Volvo bucket range is available in all regions.


February 2013

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