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Software Options

Software Options for your construction machine

Volvo offers you a number of Software Options to improve your machine. Some of them increase safety and productivity, others reduce fuel consumption. Our Software Options are easily installed by your dealer, since no hardware is needed. Which ones do you need?Volvo quality

Engine Auto Shut Down

The Engine Auto Shut Down option is an easy way to cut down fuel consumption and decrease total costs. And while saving money, you also put less strain on the environment as it prevents unnecessary idling.

Speed limiter

The speed limiter option makes it possible to operate in worksites and countries where speed limitations are imposed. It automatically regulates maximum speed and removes the possibility for the operator to increase the speed and exceed the limit

Increased Engine Protection

The Increased Engine Protection option protects the engine from further damage due to problems in different engine systems, and thus reducing unnecessary and costly downtime. It automatically idles and shuts down the engine if critical levels are reached, such as coolant level and temperature.

Engine Shut Down Timer

Before shutting down the engine at the end of a hard shift, the operator should let it idle to cool down. With the Engine Shut Down Timer option, the engine will run on idle automatically before shutting down. This means that the operator can leave the cab, lock the machine and finish work without having to wait.

Engine Lock – PIN-code

The Engine Lock – PIN-code is an easy way to reduce the risk of the machine being stolen. When the option is activated, a PIN code needs to be entered to use the machine. This makes it more difficult for thieves and unauthorized users, but is easy to handle for the proper operator.

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