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Volvo Care Kits

Volvo Care Kits – The customer solution

Volvo Care Kits are carefully designed and include exactly the right parts you need for repairs, maintenance and service – all you need to prevent unnecessary downtime.  

Three categories of Care Kits

• Overhaul and Repair Kits contain 
  Engine Overhaul Kits 
  Cylinder Head Overhaul Kits, 
  Cylinder Liner Kits and Pin and  
  Bushing Kits

• Maintenance Kits
  consist of Filter Kits
• Uptime Kits include 
  O-ring Kits and Electrical
  Connector Kits


Volvo Care kits have all the  advantages in one package

Save time:
you don't have to identify, order and collect the needed parts

Save money:
less expensive than buying each part separately

Peace of mind:
contain all the parts that are needed, no more and no less

consist of genuine Volvo parts, the best choice for your machine

Volvo Care Kits provide you with fast, easy, and economical solutions.
Please contact us to discuss which Volvo Care Kit is the right choice for you.