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Volvo’s Aggressive Cut Excavator Buckets – a cut above the rest

Aggresive Cut Buckets

Volvo Construction Equipment’s Aggressive Cut Buckets are engineered to enhance productivity and performance across the entire range of Volvo excavators – especially when combined with a Steelwrist® Symmetrical Quick Coupler and Steelwrist® Tilt Rotator.

The new Aggressive Cut Buckets from Volvo Construction Equipment(Volvo CE) are designed as an integral part of each Volvo excavator model – delivering precise control and superior productivity. From the bucket to the quick coupler, tiltrotator, hydraulics and factory installed control system, everything is engineered to match and supplied and supported by Volvo.

As with all Volvo CE attachments, the high strength steel Aggressive Cut Buckets are robust and wear-resistant and have been shaped to achieve maximum performance and productivity. The progressive radius makes it easier to dig and provides low resistance – increasing productivity. The flat top helps maintain breakout force and the long floor improves fuel efficiency by ensuring the bucket is easy to fill.

Not only is the body of the bucket able to withstand high forces and extreme stress, but so too are the teeth. With a perfect fit between the tooth and adapter, strength and wearresistance are built-in for long replacement intervals, maximizing machine uptime and minimizing expenditure on parts and servicing. When teeth do eventually require replacing, Volvo’s proven Tooth System, featuring a patented vertical locking device, ensures quick and easy mounting and removal.

To further safeguard the long and productive life of the bucket, Volvo CE also provides a wide range of economical replaceable wear parts, including side and corner shrouds, adapters and segments.

The perfect couple
Volvo is the only manufacturer to offer a factory-fitted tiltrotator for both its wheeled and crawler excavators. The Volvo fitted control system provides superior quality and is fully supported in terms of parts and warranty. To guarantee safe coupling and uncoupling, front pin lock technology prevents the bucket from falling even if it is not fully fastened, while a positive lock indication system displays green when the bucket is in the correct position. When a tilt rotator is attached, a factory fit control system prevents the quick coupler from being opened, providing peace of mind for both the operator and others on the jobsite.

Just like the bucket, the quick coupler is also made of high tensile strength steel for optimum strength and durability. Furthermore, to withstand the increased forces when using a tiltrotator, the quick coupler is cast in one piece, eliminating weaknesses at joints or welds.

Whether digging, grading or trenching, a Volvo excavator fitted with an Aggressive Cut Bucket, quick coupler and Steelwrist® tiltrotator, will always rise to the occasion.

The new Aggressive Cut Excavator Buckets will be available in Region EMEA North and West.


March 2014

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