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Volvo SD105 construction roller:
Enhanced productivity

Safety and comfort are packed into the Volvo SD105 construction roller. With all-around visibility, a rotating seat and low noise levels, the task at hand becomes easier and operators will work efficiently with less fatigue. Increase your productivity with Volvo.

Top features of the Volvo SD105 soil compactor include:

Volvo cab

Volvo SD105 construction roller (soil compactor) comfortable Volvo cab

The ROPS/FOPS certified cab provides a safe and comfortable working environment with an efficient heating and air conditioning system and all-around visibility from large glazed areas. With floor to ceiling cab glass, the operator has an excellent forward drum view as well as superior front and rear visibility.

Ultra-Grade traction control

Volvo SD105 construction roller  (soil compactor) Ultra Grade traction control

The Volvo traction system provides excellent traction on steep inclines, slippery surfaces and when loading for transport – allowing the
machine to work in different applications and increasing its versatility. The system prevents wheel and drum spin, improving gradeability,
performance and productivity.

Engine hood opening

Volvo SD105 construction roller (soil compactor) has an easily opened rear-hinged engine compartment for quick service checks

The rear-hinged engine compartment is easily opened to provide unobstructed access to the engine for quick service checks.

Dynamic drum forces

 Volvo SD105 construction roller (soil compactor) dynamic drum forces

Simply select high or low amplitude depending on your application and material depth.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, SD105 soil compactor is ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo SD105 construction roller can improve your efficiency: