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Compact wheel loaders

Models Operating weight
L20F 4330 kg

Volvo Compact Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders

Models Operating weight
L60F 11,0-13,3 t
L60Gz, L90Gz 12380-14580 kg 
L70F 12,7-15,0 t
L90F 15,0-17,0 t
L110F 18,0-20,0 t
L120F 19,0-21,0 t
L120Gz  18,0-19,0 t
L150H, L180H, L220H 24,1-33,1 t
L180H High-Lift 33,0-34,0 t 
L250H 34,0-35,3 t 
L350F 50,0-56,0 t

Volvo L150H, L180H, L220H wheel loader (front end loader) are productive, versatile machines perfectly matched with Volvo attachments
Compact wheel loaders Wheel loaders

Compact wheel loaders and wheel loaders from Volvo. Load up and break out with more profitability.

Volvo compact wheel loaders and wheel loaders are loaded where it counts, pushing your front end bucket loader productivity higher. From mini loaders to large production machines, find the right fit for your work in load and carry operations, civil & building construction, earth moving, waste handling, recycling, landscaping, quarrying, aggregates, block handling, timber yards, agriculture and more.

Top-features for the range of Volvo compact wheel loaders and wheel loaders include:

  • Safe and comfortable Volvo cabs, allowing the operator to work in confidence and to focus on a productive working day
  • Dependable Volvo engines deliver class-leading fuel economy

  • Outstanding lift capacities, lift height and reach

  • Ease of service, with ground-level access to routine service points, for maximum availability

  • Extensive range of versatile Volvo loader attachments

Find more information about buying the versatile loader that's right for you by selecting one of the families.