Features & Benefits - P6820C : Volvo Vostok
Volvo P6820C paver asphalt paver offers ultimate performance for medium to large paving jobsites

Volvo P6820C, paver: Ultimate performance for medium to large paving jobsites.

The Volvo P6820C paver is built tough for a powerful performance in every application - whether you are paving steep gradients or thick layers of material.

The P6820C ABG asphalt paver boasts an ultra smooth paving system which delivers results in all applications.

Trust Volvo asphalt paver to increase your performance and profits. Top features of the Volvo P6820C paver include:

Precise steering control

Volvo P6820C paver asphalt paver is ideal for paving on curves where precision is crucial and on straight stretches where it delivers sharp edges 
The perfectly balanced design combined with our easy-to-use steering control dial and independent track control let you achieve smooth paving even when road gets steep.

EPM II control panel

Volvo P6820C paver asphalt paver puts you in control with unique, industry-leading EPM II (Electronic Paving Management)
Intuitive, back-lit, Electronic Paving Management system provides unrivalled control at your fingertips for maximum efficiency.

All-round visibility

Volvo P6820C paver asphalt paver all-round visibility and extendable operator seat for a 360° view of the whole paving process
The operator’s platform gives optimum safety, with perfect visibility from the hopper to the finished mat for best-in-class productivity.

Industry leading screeds

Volvo P6820C paver asphalt paver allows you to achieve the best paving quality and smoothness with Volvo screeds
Featuring unique quick coupling technology and single or double tamper systems, our screeds are designed to give you the best pavement quality, uniformity and smoothness on a wide range of materials.

Support and serviceability

Volvo P6820C paver asphalt paver ensures your uptime by easy daily maintenance and our Volvo dealer network
Eased service thanks to the operator’s platform and lightweight side access doors. Your Volvo dealer is a single support contact for all paver’s components.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, P6820C asphalt paver is ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo P6820C paver can improve your efficiency: