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Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 Soil compactors deliver high performance compaction

Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 soil compactors
Tackle the toughest jobs on earth.

When the Volvo SD160, SD190 and SD200 weigh in, your most demanding projects are under control.

Abundant horsepower, massive centrifugal forces, high static weight, Ultra-Grade® traction system, and a robust drum are among their strengths.

Handling thicker lifts with fewer passes, the compaction forces of the SD160, SD190 and SD200 deliver maximum productivity.

Performance Features

Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 Soil compactors performance features
Dual / variable frequency and dual amplitude, capability to match vibration frequency to natural frequency of material to achieve optimum compaction.

High Centrifugal Forces

Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 Soil compactors provide high centrifugal forces and ideal drum weight
Power-to-weight ratio and high dynamic force combine to achieve maximum material density in a minimum of passes.


Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 Soil compactors serviceability
One-piece, rear-hinged engine cover for complete access and tilting operator platform for hydraulic access.

Padfoot drum

Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 Soil compactors padfoot drum
A two-piece, clamp-on padfoot shell kit easily and quickly converts the smooth drum into a padfoot drum

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, SD160, SD190, SD200 soil compactors are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo SD160, SD190, SD200 soil compactors can improve your efficiency: