Features & Benefits - DD85 : Volvo Vostok

Volvo DD85 Large asphalt - shortfacts

Short facts

Operating weight w/ ROPS:
8 750 kg (19,290 lb)
(Weights noted are with cab)

Drum width:
1 680 mm (66 in)

Volvo DD85 Large asphalt - Features & benefits

DD85 – Tandem vibrating roller for jobs of all sizes

The Volvo DD85 tandem vibrating roller delivers exceptional sensitivity and precise maneuvering for excellent results on asphalt paving projects ranging from small roads to highways.

  • Advanced engine control system optimizes operation for low noise, emissions, and fuel consumption.

  • Tandem vibrating roller is powered by a hard-hitting 63,0 kW (84.5 hp) diesel engine.

  • High-amplitude operation means large layer thickness can be compacted.

  • Rigid-frame steering enables operators to work in crab mode for careful operation along kerbs, precise edge cutter and compactor operation, and increased area coverage.

  • Split drum reduces shear forces in curves and prevents asphalt tearing.
  • State-of-the-art electronic steering system and electronically controlled travel drive deliver perfect control, precise forward travel, uniform negotiation of bends, and controlled offset operation, even in challenging areas.

  • High-precision beam chip spreader generates outstanding results when chips are used to improve skid resistance.

  • Hydraulic travel drive features motor with large four-point bearing for long service life.

  • 360-degree visibility provides good view of the drum outer edges even when travelling in offset mode.

  • Easily adjustable and accessible operator controls enhance visibility and help make long work shifts more comfortable.