Introduction - Articulated haulers : Volvo Vostok
Volvo dumper (dumper truck) get the hauling job done in all terrain.

Dumpers from Volvo: Hauling heavy profits by the truck load.

Volvo Construction Equipment developed thedumpers concept. And around the globe, we’re still the undisputed leader of dumper truck hauling in the most demanding conditions, terrain and applications. From quarrying, mining and tunneling to earthmoving, material handling and waste handling, Volvo dumper trucks get your hauler truck jobs done, every day.

Top features for the range of Volvo dumpers include:

  • All-Volvo drive train developed in harmony, from engine and transmission to drop box and axles
  • Self-compensating, hydro-mechanical steering, for safety and longer life
  • 6x4 and 6x6 modes, for optimized efficiency, wear life and off-road mobility
  • Volvo Care Cab, with centrally-positioned operator station, for high visibility and more 
    space, comfort and safety
  • Engine hood with swing-down grill platform, for easy service
  • 95% recyclable machine, helping to preserve our environment
  • CareTrack telematics as standard
    equipment*, helps you save fuel, reduce costs and maximise profitability

*In markets where CareTrack is available.
Consult your Volvo dealer.

Buy the new and used heavy equipment you
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Select a Volvo dumper for more information on features, specifications, brochures and more:

Model Load capacity SAE 2:1 heap
A25F, A30F 24 000 / 28 000 kg 15,0 / 17,5 m3
A25G, A30G 25 000 / 29 000 kg 15,3 / 17,8 m3
A35F, A40F 33 500 / 39 000 kg 20,5 / 24,0 m3
A35G, A40G 34 500 / 39 000 kg 21,2 / 24,0 m3
A35F FS, A40F FS 33 500 / 39 000 kg 20,5 / 24,0 m3
A45G, A45G FS 41 000 kg 25,1 m3
A60H 55 000 kg 33,6 m3