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Volvo Reman

Volvo Reman
Factory Remanufactured Components

With Volvo factory remanufactured components, you get the same high quality and long service life as new Volvo components – but at a lower price. You can look forward to a quick exchange for minimum machine downtime and full Volvo warranty.

The wide range of Volvo Reman, Factory Remanufactured Components includes everything from engines, turbochargers and final drives to radiators and hydraulic pumps.

Long-lasting performance and reliability
Much more than a conventional rebuild, this service includes all the latest upgrades and technical modifications as standard, making the component better than the one it is replacing.

It is also rigorously tested to ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting performance.This is why the value of Volvo Reman, Factory Remanufactured Components can only be compared to the price of a new genuine component – and not with the costs of a repair or simpler rebuild.

Your old component is sent to our remanufacturing facilities where it is given new life, which does the environment a favor. Simply put, everybody wins.

For more information about Volvo Reman, Factory Remanufactured Components, contact your local Volvo dealer.