Дни Volvo 2008 в Швеции - Vovlo Days 2008 : Volvo Vostok
Volvo Days

Volvo Days 2008

Each year the customers and dealers head Sweden for several weeks to take part in the Volvo Days that have already become traditional. Throughout that time the guests stop at the most significant Volvo sites in Sweden. The most popular of those are the wheel loader plant (Arvika), the articulated dump truck factory (Bras), and the Volvo motor production facilities (Skoevde). The guests can also visit the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm.

Yet the most impressive part of the Volvo Days is definitely the demo-show held in the Cars Visitor Center, Eskilstuna. Usually about 50 vehicles participate in the show. They do the driving, excavating, loading and building into unusual patterns - all accompanied by rhythmic music. Not only can the guests enjoy the spectacular performance and see what the cars can actually do, but they are also given an opportunity to operate the test-drive under the specialist supervision.

Eskilstuna is quite a special place for Volvo. This is where the company's history began when Johan Munktell opened his first shop there in 1832.

The Volvo Munktell History Museum in Eskilstuna is open all the year round. Here the ancestors of the automobiles manufactured by the company today are displayed.

In 2007 the Cars Visitor Center hosted about 9,000 guests from more than 80 countries, whilst the 45 cars and 24 operators participated in the show.

This year, the Volvo Days were held from May29th to June 15th.

This year the Russian customers had an opportunity to go to the wheel loader plant in Arvika and the Cars Visitor Center in Eskilstuna, they could see the demo-show and drive the cars as well as visit Stockholm and get to know its major sites (Gamla Stan, the famous Vassa boat, the open-air museum of Swedish history Skamsen).

According to the guests who were not new for the event, the 2008 demo-show was amongst the most dynamic ones. For the first time ever the show presented the road building machinery (asphalt spreader, asphalt and sol rollers) and the famous innovative Volvo pipelayer equipped with the state-of-the-art patented structure rotating the boom through a full 360. Finally, the show wouldn't have done without its traditional participants, Volvo wheel leaders, excavators and articulated dump trucks.

The show aimed not only at demonstrating the technical capacities but also at helping the people feel the true Volvo family spirit.