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Leaders in Volvo CE Lubricants sales in Russia visited a factory in Istanbul

As a result of significant Volvo lubricants sales in October 2008 Russia has gained a strong second position among a big number of countries from VCE International region. This became a ground for participation of three official VCE dealers - OOO GROSS, OOO Sibirskaya Servisnaya Companiya and OOO Mirovaya Technica - leading in Volvo oil sales in Russia in a bonus training event on Volvo Lubricants 2008 which took place in Istanbul October, 15-17, 2008.

            The working programme started with a presentation of VCE division in Turkey - the Volvo Otomotiv Türk Ltd.Şti. company, visiting one of the oldest VCE Service Centers in Istanbul and Parts Distribution Center.

            The main objective of the event however was to strengthen the knowledge about the Volvo Lubricants.  During the product training session questions on developing and improving of the Volvo Lubricants, their characteristics and advantages of their use for Volvo Construction Equipment machines were covered.

  Finally, a tour to one of the most modern refinary plants in the world in the outskirts of Istanbul Seviburnu became the key point on the programme. The participants had a possibility to see processes of blending, filling, quality control and distribution of Volvo Lubricants.

                      The plant is equipped with the most up-to-date lines, which gives high productivity and economy. Logistics is well settled and as a result the lubricants are distributed fast among the customers so that the warehouse premises do not occupy a big space.

            On the whole, it could be noted, that all the stages of production at the plant are organized according to the Volvo key values - Quality, Safety and Environmental Care.

            Thus, the water used in the production cycle after being purified becomes suitable for fish rearing, which is visibly demonstrated just on the spot, in a little pond on the plant territory.

            Among the participants from countries other than Russia dealer companies from VCE International that performed the highest oil sales in the region represented Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and others. Among all the opportunities that this trip has granted including bright impressions produced by the unique colours of Istanbul with its centuries-old history, mixture of cultures and magnificence of the Bosphorus the participants highly valued the interaction and communication with colleagues from other countries.