Interles - Interles exhibition : Volvo Vostok

Volvo Construction Equipment took part in the “INTERLES” exhibition.

Volvo Construction Equipment took part in the 12th international specialized exhibition "Interles" which was held on June 24-27, 2008 in the village of Lisino-Korpus, 70 km from St. Petersburg.

The forest college in Lisino was chosen as a place for the exhibition for the first time. Its training and production facilities, infrastructure and demonstration forest areas made it possible to organize the exhibition on a qualitatively higher level.

"Interles" is the only exhibition in Russia which gives an opportunity to demonstrate the operation of the equipment for lumbering, firefighting and reafforestation in real conditions on special demonstration sites in the forest.

This year Volvo Construction Equipment presented a harvester excavator ЕС210BLC Forest at logging and an excavator ЕС160BNLC at the zero stage of building a wood road.

At the end of the exhibition Volvo Construction Equipment was awarded a diploma for active participation and a grand-prix diploma in the nomination "Forest technology and professional equipment".