Expoles Exhibition - Expoles Exhibition : Volvo Vostok

The Expoles – the 10th specialized exhibition

Volvo CE participated in the Expoles exhibition which was held 28 and 30 of May in the city of Tver'.

The exhibition was supported by The Timberman and Timberexporters Union and The Forestry Agency of the Tver' region.

Forest and woodusing industries are most perspective at the region economy. That is why the main exhibition purposes and goals were to demonstrate the newest developments and technologies in woodworking, harvesting equipment, new instruments, devices and apparatus, investment projects.

The Volvo stand not far from the entrance to the exhibition was decorated with a L110F Loader in harvesting configuration.
This machine is ideal for working in the most difficult conditions. At the Volvo stand clients got comprehensive information about the Volvo construction equipment and qualified help in choosing it.