Demo Show Volvo CE - Demo Show on the Ramirent company premises : Volvo Vostok

Volvo Construction Equipment opened theatre season

On the 29th of May on the Ramirent company premises a bright perform premiered with Volvo Construction Equipment machines.
In such unusual manner Volvo Construction Equipment congratulated the Ramirent company with opening a new service area.

The plot of the performance was based on the problem confronting  any construction company every day. That is fulfillment of objects in time. Very often contractors don't observe periods of work execution and builders don't cope with volume of work.

Solving of the problem is in harmonic combination of human labour and construction equipment use which allows to make quicker not only the work tempo but also its quality.

In the plot the builders tried to clean a building site out of ballast using shovels and handcarts.  But it took them too much time to do the work and they could do little positive. But they resorted to the help of Volvo machines which cleaned the peck of ballast right away in no time.

In the performance a L35 compact wheel loader, a BL71Plus Backhoe loader and a EC55 Compact Excavator made their debut.
Despite the fact that the performance had no intermission and it lasted no more than 15 minutes the organizers succeeded in showing flexibility, power and comfort of the Volvo equipment.
There was a storm of applause for the machines when they were leaving the scene. The premiere was a great success.