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Volvo Silver Ring Demo Tour

Volvo Day took place in Kaluga's Annenki sport center on the 4th of September.

Kaluga is the terminal point which welcomed Volvo trucks after their long drive of several hundred kilometers along Russian roads undertaken as part of Volvo Silver Ring Demo Tour. The trucks were joined in Kaluga by other members of the Volvo family: articulated hauler A35D and excavator EC290B. This tour was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the company celebrated this year. The trucks had stopped in Tver, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Ryazan, and Tula. In each city a family festival had been organized involving the demonstration of Volvo trucks, a test drive and various entertaining activities.

The idea of Volvo Days was born in mid 90-s and since then such days have been repeatedly held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in the cities of Siberia, Ural and Volga region.

Visitors had a chance to take a ride in the articulated hauler Volvo A35D. In addition, the audience had a chance to watch an extraordinary show: basketball with a Volvo excavator in the main role. Anyone could try to get the ball in the basket with the excavator bucket. The governor Anatoly Artamonov himself took part in this outstanding game.

Lars Corneliusson, the managing director of Volvo Vostok, noted in his welcoming speech: "The excellent geographical location of the Kaluga Region and its rapidly developing infrastructure make it one of the most attractive regions for investment and construction of industrial plants. That's why this city was selected by Volvo for the construction of a truck plant with an estimated total value of investment about 100 million euros. The project is implemented with a valuable support of the administration of Kaluga and the Kaluga Region."

The reply speeches were made by the governor of the Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov and the acting mayor of Kaluga Nikolay Lyubimov. After the end of the official part they both enjoyed participation in the truck test drive and Volvo road machinery testing.

The journalists who attended the event were given the opportunity to visit the territory of Kaluga-South industrial park. 40 from total 136 hectares allocated in the park for industrial zone development will be taken by the plant which will produce Volvo and Renault trucks. Representatives of specialized federal mass media met Jens Holtinger, the project manager of Volvo plant construction in Kaluga, who answered their questions.

Volvo Day finished with a buffet offering traditional Swedish food.