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Volvo A25F, A30F dumper: Productivity that goes anywhere.

The Volvo A25F and A30F dumper are the hauler trucks depended on more jobsites around the globe. For dumper truck hauling in all terrain, from earthmoving and mining to material handling and waste handling, tunnelling and quarrying, Volvo has your solution.

Top features of the Volvo A25F and A30F dumper include:

Self-compensating articulated steering
Volvo A25F, A30F dumper (dumper truck) articulated steering for excellent stability

The unique self-compensating articulated steering provides excellent stability and steering force, for outstanding control, precision and safety.

Differential Locks
Volvo A25F, A30F dumper (dumper truck) differential locks for high off-road performance

100% locking capable differential locks can be engaged or disengaged on the move, for more off-road performance.

Volvo Care Cab
Volvo A25F, A30F dumper (dumper truck) care cab

Volvo Care Cab with ROPS/FOPS and centrally-positioned operator station, for high visibility and more space, comfort and safety.

Easy service access
Volvo A25F, A30F dumper (dumper truck) easy service access

Anti-slip front grill service platform together with 90 degrees tilting hood makes all service operations much easier and faster.

Automatic Traction Control
Volvo A25F, A30F dumper (dumper truck) automatic traction control

ATC detects and engages the right drive combination as required, for reduced tyre wear and fuel consumption. The ideally matched all-Volvo drivetrain brings industry-leading fuel efficiency.

Volvo A25F, A30F dumper (dumper truck) care track telematics

Volvo’s telematics system works with the machine’s internal diagnostic system to remotely track usage, productivity, fuel consumption and much more.

Find out how the Volvo A25F and A30F dumper truck can improve your efficiency: